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I got up from Brad’s bed much earlier than I wanted, but I had to get home to get Casey up and ready for our Cub Scouts outing. So up and dressed I got before 7am, then headed home and got some coffee while the computer booted. Then I got Casey up, dressed, and fed and we headed to the library for our outing.

We sat and listened to Mr. Dave the librarian for about half an hour before the kids were able to spend some time doing as they pleased. I picked out a new graphic novel that I thought Casey would like, and we checked that out.

We headed home and I had Casey sit on the toilet while I took care of my free book and paid emails, then I got on ArcheAge to tend my gardens.

I got Casey some lunch and then we headed to Walmart to get a few things. I used the electric cart, we got what we needed, then paid for our stuff and headed home. I got the groceries put away, then got back on the computer while Casey got back on the toilet.

Once Casey was done on the toilet, I got him set up with Detective Pikachu on the Roku. We’d gotten the DVD for only $10 and it came with a code to redeem the digital copy as well. I wanted to see the movie but told him I wouldn’t be ready until about 6 or 7 and he didn’t want to wait. I got in the shower, then sat at the computer for a bit. I wasn’t doing anything, but it was my way of resting my knee I guess.

I ended up getting back on ArcheAge to tend my gardens, then got on SL to change my outfit. I was in the mood to do something on there with Cyn, especially since she wouldn’t do anything else with me, but she wasn’t yet home from the Irish Festival she’d gone to with Judas. I logged back off and got on Astellia for the daily login timer.

Of course, when she got home she got on SL and by then I was irritated that she refused to do anything with me. Then she TP’d to my house, where I remain online but on the web-based browser, so she saw my outfit. That irritated me even more because now the next time I want to do something on there I’ll feel the need to change my outfit again because someone had seen it. It’s strange, I know, but it’s how I am. Anyway, she spent quite a lot of time just sitting at my house, not even talking to me. What’s the point in being on there if you’re not going to do anything? It’s stupid. It’s what I used to do as well, and it was stupid of me when I did it. And the whole thing just pissed me off.

After I’d gotten my daily login Astel card, I logged off of there and spent an hour just scrolling through Facebook before finally deciding to just go to bed. I was pissed off and tired, so I may as well.

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