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So, here’s a post about Dave’s mom, Ronda.

A refresher – she’s an alcoholic, bad. It caused her divorce from Scott, lose her job after Scott’s death even years later, caused her to have liver failure, and she still hasn’t quit drinking. She hadn’t been working in over a year, maybe over 2 years. We didn’t know how she could possibly be paying her bills. Occasionally we would see some sort of notice from her mortgage company about the delinquent payments, but she never let on that she was in any real financial trouble. She’d borrow money on occasion, and somehow manage to pay it back within a week. We had no idea how she was doing it, and knew it was only a matter of time before she’d lose the house. It was inevitable. She wasn’t even spending money on groceries, only on alcohol.

She finally got the notice that she had to be out by the end of this past December. Dave and his brother helped to get all her things into a storage unit, and then she was to be staying with her mom, or who knows who. And even to this day, she still hasn’t quit drinking.

This woman lost her husband, twice, damn near lost her liver (life), her house, what’s it going to take for her to finally hit rock bottom? I mean, everyone knows that addicts won’t change until rock bottom, right? She hasn’t seem to hit it yet, and at this point I don’t know what it’s going to take.

The only possibility is if everyone she’s close to alienates themselves from her. That’s all that’s left, is for her to have nobody in her life that is willing to even help her, much less speak to her.

But, the question is, would EVERYONE in her life be willing to do that?

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