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Perhaps I was mistaken?

See the last two posts in this tag for details before reading the below.

I was just talking with my MIL about all this and realized that, although I did always work even when I was sick, that merely mentioning how I was feeling on those days could have been the beginning of the downfall. All along, I thought making them aware of things would be considerate in case I was contagious or something, but alas they probably do not care. They probably don’t really even care if I *am* contagious because they’d still be losing money if I wasn’t there to sell the product. So, all along, by mentioning when I wasn’t feeling well, even though I always stayed at work, it probably gave the wrong impression. So, I do need to keep my mouth shut, because they don’t care anyway, and as long as I *can* work even I know I will work, so it doesn’t matter to anyone, then.

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