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Parental Visit

So, my parents came to visit not long ago. They arrived on June 15th and left on the 21st.

The Friday when they arrived I ended up leaving work early due to some dizziness I was feeling. The doctor thought it was probably dehydration, and I did end up feeling better after an hour or so even though I wasn’t drinking water. The dizziness had upset my stomach a bit so I was actually drinking a Cherry 7up.

My parents went by to see the house that they were going to rent, and it gave my mom the creeps because of the sloping, she felt like they were sinking, and she also didn’t feel safe in that area. So, they were going to look for somewhere else to stay. They ended up getting a good deal at their hotel, $52 a night plus free breakfast daily and three free dinners a week. They’re paying $1,000 less and getting more!

For dinner we went to Applebees. I got one of the sizzling skillets with steak, and one of my steaks was very undercooked. I could tell they were cooked on the open flame, and they looked identical on the outside, so I understood how the mistake happened. They cooked me a fresh one that was not just perfect, but better than the first one I ate. Me and my mom ended up sharing a dessert, the Maple Butter Blondie. After dinner we came back to our house and went through more of our “stuff” to get Casey’s room ready to paint and put in the furniture.

Saturday they stopped over with Panera before the baby shower and we just hung out for a bit. Then we had the baby shower, which was very nice! I got so many clothes he’ll be wearing a new outfit every day until he’s 3 months! Well, maybe not that many new clothes, but a lot! Afterward we dropped the stuff off at our house then headed out for dinner and shopping. We went to Miss Mamie’s, and the food was great but the floor under our table had someone else’s food left when we were seated. It seemed I had 10 glasses of water with my meal, I was so thirsty! Dave and I both got the Cajun-Style Catfish Filet. After dinner we went to Burlington Coat Factory and bought a ton of stuff that we hadn’t gotten at the yard sale. We would have picked up the furniture as well but it was pouring down rain!

Sunday my parents came over after breakfast and we started our day of shopping. We went to Walmart and Baby’s R Us after having lunch at Hungry Hobo. We bought lunch for them, but had to be sneaky! I made sure to order first and then swiftly handed my debit card to the cashier when nobody was looking. Then when my mom was trying to hand her cash she swiped my card. Haha! After shopping we headed to Front Street Brewery for food, and the boys had to have some beer after a long day of shopping. It took me forever to decide what I wanted. They do have great food, but everything has very strange ingredients so it can be hard sometimes to pick something. It took me probably an hour to decide what I wanted, mainly because all I could think of was the amazing salad they took off the menu over a year ago. After dinner we brought all the stuff home and called it a night.

Monday the boys painted the nursery while mom washed and dried all of Casey’s new clothes and linens, and I went to work. I didn’t make it through more than half my shift, though, because the dizziness struck again. I had a couple dizzy spells over the weekend, but not like the ones I had at work. I called the doctor’s office and they asked for me to come in that day instead of waiting until Wednesday for my regularly scheduled appointment. They were concerned it could be my blood pressure. I went and picked up my mom and took her to the appointment, and the doctor said everything is great. My blood pressure was nice and low, my glucose test had come back normal, the blood panel they did the day of the glucose test showed all my chemical levels were normal. The doctor suggested it could be my allergies or sinuses, but I’ve had issues with that before and it didn’t feel the same. Not to mention I’m already on Zyrtec daily. So, the only other thing the doctor came up with was just the normal pregnancy dizziness, or stress. Neither seemed likely to me because I was getting clammy, with a warm forehead and cold body. To me, that is a sign there is something not right. But, it wouldn’t otherwise surprise me if it was caused my stress. The doctor also said he won’t let me go all the way to 40 weeks. When I measure 39 weeks he’ll check my cervix, and if my cervix is ready and I don’t go into labor, he would like to induce. So, he could end up checking me on August 15th! My parents weren’t going to get here until the 26th, then had changed it to the 23rd, and now had to change it again to the 18th to be sure they could be here. If I’m ready on the 15th, I’ll ask the doctor to wait to induce until the 20th, that way my parents will be there for the birth unless he comes on his own before then. After the appointment we came back to the house, Dave grilled some burgers and mom made some homemade potato salad, and after we ate we called it a night.

Tuesday I went back to work (and made it the whole day!), Dave took the day off to get things done around the house, and my parents did things around town to familiarize themselves with the area for when they’re here a whole month for baby’s birth. For dinner, Dave grilled some chicken breasts, my mom brought some fresh veggies in foil to put on the grill, and Dad cut us some watermelon.

Wednesday Dave went back to work, and I took my parents to a few stores to get some of the final touches of shopping done. For dinner we had La Flama mexican and then went back to our house to relax for a while before saying goodbye. Thursday the plan was for Dave and I to both go to work, and they were flying out in the morning. I ended up in too much pain from all the shopping and clearing out of junk, so I stayed home, but still didn’t see my parents one last time before they left.

I managed to hold myself together and didn’t get too irritable, though I was irritated by some things. For one, my mom and her shopping problem. I say problem, and I mean problem, like a disease. She actually said at one point that she cannot go into a store without buying something. I knew they’d be buying all the baby stuff, because of the money they otherwise would have spent for us to go on a Disney Cruise at the end of last May. When we found out I was pregnant, they made a deal that the cruise money would go to baby stuff, totaling $3,500. But, my mom still bought something at every store aside what I picked out to buy for him. Another thing that bothered me was her sweet-eating. Yeah, sounds odd, except she expresses to me how devastated she is that she has an addiction to sugar, yet makes no effort whatsoever to actually do something about it. On top of dessert every night, they also apparently had a nightly doughnut at their hotel and miscellaneous other junk food when we weren’t around.

So, that sums up my parents trip this time. Only 8 more weeks to go and we meet Casey!

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