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Opt-Out? Yeah right!

Everyone hates spam, right? Well, here’s a bit of advice that I learned the hard way.

I use Gmail, where I feel I get minimal spam messages, and they all seem to go to the right place: my Spam folder. I was getting sick of them being there at all, though, so I went in and would click the “Opt-Out” links on all the messages, thinking I’d get no more Spam from those “people.”

I was wrong.

Each time I “Opted Out,” I received at least three more messages from that “person.” After learning my lesson: Opting Out at least triplicates the amount of Spam you receive, I stopped “Opting Out.” I’m still receiving dozens of Spam messages a day, which infuriates me, and after clicking the “Opt Out” links some are being placed in my Inbox, where I have to mark them as Spam all over again. It seems to be lightening up a little, thankfully… but I just wanted to warn you all, don’t try to “Opt Out.”

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