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On time for once!

And not with much to say about it!

Then again, I always feel like I have “not much to say” and then my rambling gets put into a lj-cut.

Ok, so, last night before bed, I snuggled with Casey for a while. He asked for a sleepover, but I said no because it was a school night. I told him he has Spring Break coming up, so he has off school Thursday, and can sleep by me Wednesday. Since he’s in 4k, he doesn’t go to school on Fridays anyway, but the rest of the school is out that day, and then he’s off again on Monday and Tuesday.

As is usual lately, after getting him to bed I got on Wiz to do some questing. At this point, it’s either questing or farming one thing or another. As much as I am eager to do Darkmoor again and again until I have all the best gear, I also want to progress in Khrysalis so I can get my next Shadow spell.

Got to bed at a fairly reasonable time. Didn’t sleep the best, I can’t remember the last time I got a really good night’s sleep.

Got Casey up a little earlier than normal. My mom texted me early and asked if the Tooth Fairy had come. THE TOOTH FAIRY!!! I forgot to put a dollar in his Tooth Pillow before going to bed!! Somehow I managed to sneak it in there with him AWAKE and watching me. My back was turned to him. The pillow was hanging off a knob on his dresser. I got the tooth out while I was getting his underpants out, snuck the dollar in while I was getting his socks out, and got the rest of his clothes out and ready for him to dress. Got him some breakfast and got him off to school about the same time as usual.

Did my usual of getting on SL to change clothes and park. Then, of course, got back on Wiz to do some more questing. I was able to quest with another person for a little while, but then my computer started acting crazy and I had to restart it. Just in time for the bus to come, actually! While I was questing, I was on voice chat on Discord with some other people I met on Wiz. It was kinda nice, being able to freely speak.

So, Casey was home and I get an email forwarded by Dave from the student loan company thanking him for a payment of over $1800. I flipped out. I tried calling them. The lady I was speaking with refused to issue a refund for the automatic payment that I had canceled. I asked for a supervisor. She spoke with a supervisor, got back to me, and said that Dave would have to call. UGH!

After Casey finished lunch and got on his tablet, I ended up doing a dungeon that I’ve had in my quest log for a while. It’s in a part of “Wizard City” called “Aquila,” the dungeon being “Tartarus.” I had 2 quests in Tartarus, one to defeat one boss, and then the main quest for that area.

So, I get into the dungeon with 3 other people. All seems good, right?

We head to do the boss that was more of a side-quest first. We soon discover that one player, Zachary, was pretty much just not there. And *I* soon discovered that another, Kevin, is a cocky know-it-all who quickly got under my skin.

We made it through the first fight fairly quickly, and that was it for that side quest. Zachary managed to follow us throughout the dungeon without actually participating in the fights. It was getting on all of our nerves.

We get to the final boss fight before THE final boss fight, and Kevin says there’s no way we’ll make it through the final boss without a healer, or at least an active 4th. Kevin and the other girl, can’t recall her name, ended up leaving. I exchanged private messages with the girl at first, and she’s all like “Kevin said this, Kevin said that.” Finally I snapped and said something about Kevin being a know it all. She’s like “yeah, he’s my friend, he’s helping me.” Then *he* messages me, saying how they’re not doing it and blah blah blah. So I go into the fight, buy 2 high level life henchmen to help keep me alive, and let Zachary join. All the while, I’m saying publicly to Zachary that he needs to participate. The only thing he did during the entire fight was a very tiny spell that did minimal damage. It took a WHILE, but eventually I succeeded! Between me and my henchman, *I* defeated the final bosses!

This process actually leveled me up to 102, which meant I could buy a new deck from the Bazaar. I have a deck I want to craft, but need a lot of stuff for it. So, in the meantime, I bought one from the Bazaar, because the level 102 decks let you have an extra “pip” to start. “Pips” are what you use to cast spells. Usually, the better the spell the more pips you need. You get a pip at the start of each round, and there are 0 pip things, like boosts and traps, that you can use while you’re “pipping up” (as I call it) for your attack. White pips are “1” and gold pips are “2” if the spell is for your class. So, with my new deck, I’ll start with 3 pips total. One is guaranteed gold, one is guaranteed white, and the other is a toss-up, could be either. So anyway, I got my deck and copied my spells over.

Then Casey and I started to cook dinner. It was some cashew ginger soba noodle bowl. Sounded yummy! As I was laying the ingredients on the counter, I notice I’m low on avocado, which the recipe calls for. Ok, I have some though so no biggie. So we start working on slicing and dicing. Then Casey goes to start the snap peas, and tosses a moldy one to the side. I look through and notice that about half of them are moldy. I’m certainly not going to use the other half! EWW! So, I tell him we’ll have to finish cooking that tomorrow and daddy and I will just have leftovers tonight.

So, leading up to this next part, I’d like to first mention that last night was intended to be a leftovers night. I ate leftovers. Dave got home after I’d eaten, said something about his work having a pizza party for lunch, and he was going to eat his pasta for dinner since he didn’t eat it for lunch. Fair enough.

So, tonight, I eat when I’m hungry and Dave eventually gets home and… has pasta and FRESH garlic bread for dinner.

WTF??? So I’m stuck eating ALL the leftovers ALL the time because you’re too good for them or something?

Dave mentioned that he called Navient, the student loan company, and that we should receive a check in TWO WEEKS. UGH! Why can’t they just go into their computer and reverse the $229.41 they took against our will? That is SO not right!

After everybody had dinner, Casey did some ABC Mouse. It was about 7 at that time, so after a little bit I got on Wiz to see how long the dungeon would be that I have to do for my quest. An hour. So I gave it until nearly 8 before giving up. Because Casey needs to get in bed by a little after 9. We usually start his nighttime stuff between 8:45 and 9, unless he gets tired super early.

And, he just said a little bit ago he’s done doing ABC Mouse and is ready for bed. So that leads us to where I am now. I had him get his PJs on and he’s waiting patiently behind me as I finish typing this up and making edits along the way. Now I’m going to go read to him, then get on Wiz and try to do this dungeon if I can find a team.

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