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I really couldn’t think of a better subject…

Today has been a very long, boring day. I wanted to get out of the house, but there was really only one thing that needed to be done, and I decided it was a waste of gas to go anywhere. So, I’ve just been at home, doing pretty much nothing. The feelings I’ve been going through today, as a result of our recent tragedy, are hard to sort through and cope with. One minute, I feel like kicking Scott’s ass, and the next I feel like crying. Dave’s not ready to talk about this all at length yet, so I have to use my LJ to get things about this off my chest. But, what’s going to help? If I could embrace one emotion long enough to cope with it and move on, that’d be great. But I can’t seem to do that yet.


When we were about 3 hours from home, we picked up a talk radio show featuring Dr. Sadie Allison. She has a new book out, and I decided to look and see if we (Passion Parties) carry it. Sure enough, we do! It sounds like a GREAT book, so I’m planning to order a copy soon. I’m going to have each of her books in my personal library, as well as in my demonstration kit.

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