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New Laptop

Well, I got a new laptop today. I’ve been researching various options online (on Dave’s computer) over the last several days, and one really caught my eye today. I wanted something relatively basic, because most of what I do isn’t advanced anyway. Well, Walmart had an Acer for $500, and it met all the feature and specification requirements I had set… for $500 versus $700+. So, we went by there to have a look-see, and I walked out with a new laptop.

Honestly, and this may sound funny, I am just amazed at the way this computer works! I mean, the computer I’d been using regularly was 5 years old… the processor was aged, and it just wasn’t working as fast as it used to. This one is so fast, I almost can’t keep up with it! Usually the computer can’t keep up with me… and it has integrated webcam and microphone, 4 USB ports, CD and DVD re-writable drive, internal wireless card… I’m just amazed… It definitely had everything I was looking for, and maybe more.

I’m not too sure what I think about Vista… this is the first time I’ve ever used it, and it is different. And this widescreen display is going to take some getting used to as well. But, overall, I feel like I’m getting back to normal after the disaster of the break-in last Monday.

Well, that’s about it for tonight… I’m not planning on posting about my new laptop on my public blog, not just yet anyway… Yes, a bit of paranoia about people watching me… because that was one of the things on mine and Dave’s minds after the break-in, that somebody had been watching us… and waiting for that opportunity.

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