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My brother’s ex

So my brother found out the other night that his soon to be ex-wife is 9 weeks pregnant with another man’s child. Estimated date of conception: December 17th. So she was pregnant at Christmas. Back then, my mom had asked my brother if things were okay between them, because she saw a pic on Steffy’s Facebook of her and a black guy, and also a status update that she was wondering if she was with the right guy. I guess Mikey talked to Steffy about it, because Steffy sent my mom a heinous message around the above-mentioned date accusing her of causing all the problems in their marriage, making threats about various things if my mom were to continue to interfere. She said she didn’t want to spend Christmas with our family, but she did anyway. She told my mom in that email to mind her own business about her personal life, their finances, etc. All in response to my mom showing concern about their marriage. So… she was lying then, and now my brother’s emotions have to pay for it. I can’t imagine how he must feel, knowing that she did that to him. I can’t believe she would do that to him. I’m so thankful, especially with this news, that they are getting a divorce.

The only thing my brother has to worry about, legally, is that the divorce papers specify that Steffy was not pregnant. Mikey already signed the papers and had them sent to Steffy in Minneosta. If she signs them, she’s committing perjury. So, my brother has to talk to his attorney to find out if new papers have to be drawn in light of this.

All of us are just ready and waiting for it to all be over with.

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