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My Bipolar/PMDD

A couple quotes from Private Practice Season 5 Episode 15 “You Break My Heart”

I’ll be tinkering with these soon… because I can relate to them and want to use them to make one of my own. I may even search for other similar bipolar quotes… to come up with mine.

Dr Wallace: What’s happening with you, what’s been happening all these years is bigger than you and every day a battle is fought in your mind and with repeated misgdiagnoses and a lack of proper treatment and the instability of your life, all these things have made it worse.

Corinne: For the last 20 years everything in my head it’s been big and bold. No whispers, just screams, and I tried to deal with it, I felt responsible. I thought it was me. But you know what? I’m sick. I’m the one with bipolar disorder. So you can complain all you want about how worried you were and how worried mom was. And I feel bad about that, I really do. But I was living it. And I protected you from the worst of it. While you were in med school, I did my first stint in jail. And while you were off being a big fancy doctor, I was eating garbage so I could have enough money for drugs, because that was the only way to escape the pain. And while you were having a family and living in malibu, I was selling my body just to survive. So… you missed me. Poor you. This isn’t your journey, it’s mine. It is my pathetic life. And you might hate me, but guess what, I hate me more. And I could tell you to go to hell, but having lived there the past 20 years I’m pretty sure you can’t handle it. You know, so screw you.

Corinne: I left because I was sick. You didn’t cause this. You didn’t make this happen.

I also ask that you reference this post from Fanbox I had written about my bipolar, as that will be incorporated in this quoting myself thing.

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