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Mundane Monday and Bizarrely Busy Tuesday

Sunday night went about the same as any other night.

Got up on time, begrudgingly, for school Monday morning.

Enjoyed my morning coffee, got myself dressed in SL and tended my gardens on Wiz.

Went to Walmart around 9. Spent over $300. $50 was a gift card for Courtney for helping us out. Spent some on clothes, too. Still seems excessive to have spent that much. Checked the receipt, it seemed fine. Possibly a frozen thing scanned twice, but it was only $10 and it was yesterday so there’s no point in trying to argue with management about it.

After I got the groceries put away, Colin and I got on SL.

We wandered around a few random places, looking for places that were somewhat busy so we could meet new people. Somehow we ended up at an adoption agency, I think I was misled by the place’s description. Well, they actually had a “seeking friends” section, so I ended up putting my info up to try and find friends that way.

In adding my info to the board, I realized how out of date my profile picture was. We’d taken it nearly 3 years ago, I think. So, I decided I wanted a new one. Colin uses super fancy graphics settings, so the plan was for him to take the photos and we’d decide which was best to add “Lizzie” down the left hand side and upload as my profile photo.

So, we went on the hunt for a good backdrop to use. Found an awesome one that looked like a heart on fire. While Colin was busy adjusting this and doing that, I was taking my own snapshots. After he’d taken the snapshots, and was in Photoshop making adjustments, I edited the backdrop for my view angle, and took some snapshots myself.

I uploaded a temporary profile picture while Colin was busy in photoshop. It only costs L$10 to upload, which is like a penny, so I didn’t mind. I wanted to see how it looked on Firestorm.

So, Colin finishes up with Photoshop and I view the pictures and didn’t like any of them. He didn’t like any of them, either. I ended up just sticking with the one I had uploaded.

It was getting late by then, and Colin’s computer had a Windows Update. He’d been having problems with his laptop lately and hadn’t been shutting it down, because otherwise there was a good chance it wouldn’t boot. Well, of course the Windows Update demands restarts, so we got off the call and he started working on his computer.

Casey and I played a couple of games of Snakes & Ladders.

I saw on Facebook that a student at the Tomah High School started a fire in the boys bathroom! Although it shouldn’t surprise me these days, something about being in this small town made me feel shock when I saw that. Thankfully, no one was injured and the student was arrested.

A friend of mine posted something about a “Full Pink Moon” and made it sound ominous, so I looked it up (I’m a major fact-checker) and saw that it’s just the name given to any full moon that occurs in the month of April. So, I commented as such on the post. Well, she replied something about her daughter’s autism. I looked it up, and it looks like different autistic children react differently to full moons. Well, different people have different reactions to the full moon as well, so to me there’s literally no reason to be all bent out of shape about this “Full Pink Moon.”

I was starting to feel pretty warm in the house, so checked the thermostat. It’d gotten up to 78 degrees inside! With the high outside being 80, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. I’m pretty sure our furnace had been running in the night. And there I had to turn on the A/C to cool the place off!

I made Spaghetti & Meatballs for dinner. I thought it was pretty decent. Dave, apparently, doesn’t like that brand of Spaghetti sauce and is only just now bothering to tell me. Right. Whatever.

After dinner, I checked to see how Colin’s computer situation was going. It hadn’t wanted to boot during the update’s restarts. It still wasn’t booting. I always worry, since I use my bluetooth headset with my phone to Skype and can be more mobile, if it’s bad or wrong of me to keep him on Skype so much. At least with the computer he can tab and do other things to stay alert. But without it, he and I are both worried how it’ll affect him.

He went ahead to try and sleep.

Got Casey to bed at a somewhat reasonable time.

Checked my gardens on Wiz, then finished watching Fifty Shades Freed. After that, I looked around at stuff on SL and Wiz again, but went ahead and got to bed.

Slept about the usual Monday night.

Got Casey up on time for school and on the bus on time.

Wandered around a SIM on SL called London City for a bit, but it was supper laggy and I didn’t talk to anyone.

Paid 7 — 8 weeks on all our rentals so we don’t have to think about it while I’m in recovery. I know I’ll still be able to get on both SL and Wiz, but Colin and I may not be able to talk as much when my dad’s in town, and it’s just easier to know it’s covered and not be forced to be there every Tuesday to pay rents.

Colin’s laptop still wouldn’t start after that Windows Update, but we were able to talk on Skype since he has it on his Kindle.

I haven’t been bothering with pill organizers since we’ve lived here, because I have them in a medicine cabinet that’s easy to get to. With the surgery coming up, it’ll just be easier to have it all organized so I just drop them into my hand from the organizer, swallow, and get on with my evenings. So, I took care of that in the mid-to-late morning.

Colin and I got off the call, either right before or right after Casey got home, I can’t remember. He was pretty tired due to some pain pills he had to take, as well as having nothing to stimulate his mind, being stuck just laying in bed doing nothing.

After getting Casey settled in with some lunch, I got on Wiz. They brought back this “5 B.O.X.E.S.” event and I hadn’t done the last 2 because I wasn’t high enough level the last time I noticed the event was going on. So I worked on the one from back in Zafaria, solo. It was pretty easy at my current level. I imagine I would have been panic-stricken if I’d have done it back when I was questing in Zafaria.

Once the mail arrived, I got started with trying to get the new Pen working. Unfortunately, it was a dud. I spent an hour trying to get it to work, and got nowhere. I initiated a return and packaged it back up.

Ended up just having lunch meat sandwiches for dinner. We still had the fresh buns and I thought we’d better get that stuff eaten while it’s still good. I didn’t feel like cooking, either.

After I ate my dinner, I lounged around for a little bit, and then got in the shower. Dave wasn’t home yet, and it was a reasonable enough time to get it over with. I don’t like showering too early, because then my hair feels like it gets greasy quicker lol. I also don’t like showering too late, because I don’t like going to bed with wet hair. So, usually if it’s between about 7 and 8, that’s ideal for me. It was a bit earlier than 7, but not bad.

When I got out of the shower, Dave was home and eating. He still needed a shower, and Casey needed a bath. I was worried about the timing of it by then.

Talked with Courtney, our neighbor, in text messages for a while. I asked if she had room in their other car, since she sold their van, for an extra car seat for Monday. Long story short, she offered to take Casey to school every day still, that we’d figure something out. I said that, for sure, Casey would still take the bus when my dad was in town. And that we’d play it by ear for the middle few weeks.

Got Casey a bath. He just wanted a quick bath, which was good considering the time. Got him to bed after a quick story. He wanted me to read 2 books to him, but I said no. We used to read and read and read until he felt like he was done. Then I started limiting him to 2 or 3. But, he likes to pick out the long ones, so at one point I tried to just read one and see how he did. He did fine. We sometimes read 2 still, but usually just read one. So, I told him, because it was so late, and because we only usually read one, that we were only reading one. Thankfully, he didn’t complain any further.

After Casey got to bed, I started working on the Avalon Box on Wiz. I did it solo again. I was getting a little worried in the last fight, but I made it through.

After that, I was supposed to do another dungeon with a friend from the Discord group. He was just wanting to complete his gear set, and I wouldn’t mind completing my gear set as well. I waited and waited, even fished a bit in a nearby pond, but never heard any more from him, so I just went to bed.

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