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Monday & Tuesday

Monday morning, woke up incredibly early due to strange dreams again. Grabbed a latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off for Summer Pack, then came back home.

It was getting to be incredibly uncomfortable to sit upright in my chair, so I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on any one thing. I got on Aura Kingdom to do some of the daily stuff, and later in the day I got on Conan with Colin to show him what I’d done over the weekend.

Picked Casey up from Summer Pack at the usual time, and came back home. He spent a bit of time on his tablet, and then got on Minecraft.

Got on Minecraft with Cyn for a bit to check out a Deep Sea Mashup Pack, but we weren’t very impressed with it.

Got Casey to bed about the usual time, then got on Aura Kingdom with Cyn to work on our alts for a bit, until I was ready for bed.

Tuesday, got up early again, shortly after my first alarm went off. Grabbed my latte while getting the computer booted, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off for Summer Pack, then headed to the doctor’s office to get a blood pregnancy test done. I’d discreetly called while making coffee so I wouldn’t be overheard. Immediately after getting my blood drawn, I went to my therapy appointment.

Therapy went ok, we certainly had much to talk about this time with me convinced I’m pregnant despite all the negative test results. She wants me to have that talk with Daniel, get verbal confirmation of where things stand as well as tell him I need him to stop shifting back and forth about us. Yeah, we’ll see how that goes.

Headed back home after therapy and got on a call with Colin. Didn’t really do much of anything while talking to him.

Around 12:30, I got early word from the doctor’s office that the test came back negative, I’m definitely not pregnant, not even in the early stages. I wanted to retort, but just thanked her for the call and hung up.

I commenced doing extensive research, and discovered that the slim fast I’d been using as well as the soy milk I mix it with and the fact that I have PCOS all can impact hcg levels, contributing to the likelihood of a false pregnancy. And multiple sources all confirm that it takes at least 3-4 days after implantation before a blood test can detect pregnancy, despite the midwife in the morning telling me they’d be able to tell immediately. I also found a calculator that suggested I shouldn’t even attempt a pregnancy test for at least another week. So, I need to get off the slim fast and make sure not to drink any soy milk and wait a week.

Went and picked Casey up at the usual time, and brought him back home. He laid down with his tablet for a while, and I got on Minecraft Java Edition to see if I could get a Mario texture pack to work on a world, not just for myself but for others to see as well. I couldn’t figure that out, so I closed it. Casey saw what I was up to, or possibly heard first, and got on Minecraft himself.

I ended up getting on Aura Kingdom for a bit, doing some of the daily stuff, and then went back to Minecraft. I checked out a Pokemon Minecraft (PokeCraft) but after playing on it for quite a while, even with Casey until his bedtime, I realized that there were no mobs whatsoever, hostile or non-hostile.

Just before Casey’s bedtime, I hopped in the shower. It was nice to let my belly hang free for a bit, I’d been sitting upright in my chair too much all day and it was very uncomfortable. After my shower, I got Casey to get ready for bed, then tucked him in.

After he was tucked in, I got back on Minecraft, but this time in the Ancient Egyptian Mythology mashup. Cyn ended up joining me, and we explored that for quite a while, until a little after 11. Then it was bedtime. I was surprised I was up as late as I was, considering I was ready for bed just after tucking Casey in.

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