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Monday & Tuesday

Ended up on Wiz again Sunday night. I did some questing. Got to bed at a reasonable time, still.

Yesterday was a snow day for Casey. The rest of the school just started 2 hours late, but since he’s only in school for 3 hours they called it off for him.

Spent the day organizing my pets on Wiz while waiting for mine and Colin’s SL landlord to sign on to negotiate a land deal. We ended up getting a larger plot for a huge savings. Got a few things moved around, but it was late by that time and I needed to eat dinner.

Dinner was a simple salad. No meat! Lol. I did put cheese on mine though. Forgot we had nuts that we could put on until I’d already eaten.

Heard Dave got home between 6 and 7, but he wasn’t coming in the house. I peeked out and saw that he hadn’t made it into the driveway. Turns out the neighbors had to help him push his car over to the side so he could clear the end of the driveway a bit. Seeing the difficulty he was having, Casey and I got dressed to go help him. Just as we got downstairs, he came in saying he was done. Making comments about nobody shoveling the driveway at all during the day leading to him getting stuck. Whatever. He knows I can’t shovel! So, told Casey that we didn’t have to, and he started to get upset. I knew the driveway wasn’t actually clear, so we went out and moved some ice around for a few minutes.

Got Casey to bed just a little bit later than I wanted, but otherwise not too bad.

Then I got back on Wiz and did some fishing for relaxation. I’d gotten a text not too long before, reminding me about an appointment for today, and it made me nervous because it was my pre-op appointment.

Got to bed at a decent enough time.

Didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. I don’t think I’d slept the best, but that’s par for the course these days. Had trouble getting Casey out of bed, too. Got him to school a few minutes later than the OLD usual. That was a bit disappointing. He didn’t have as much time to play outside.

Got to my first appointment fine. It was just to get blood drawn. The next appointment, the actual pre-op visit with my doctor, wasn’t for another hour. So, I headed home to get my coffee and tend my gardens on Wiz.

Got through my second appointment fine. It took longer than I expected, about an hour. Went over all things going on lately to be sure I am in good health to have surgery. I don’t recall ever having such a lengthy pre-op visit with a doctor before. I’m glad to be a part of the Mayo Clinic Health System, they’re so thorough!

Got home and got on Wiz to do some fishing before getting on SL with Colin. First we went to this fashion store I love, Blueberry. Everything there is ridiculously good quality for an equally ridiculous price. Because it’s their 6th birthday this week, they had everything marked off 50%. Colin bought me 4 things, since it’s my birthday coming up as well.

After that we headed to a couple shops to look at housing things. We had some vague ideas about what we wanted, but it wasn’t until we’d gotten a few things from the place where we bought our main house that the idea started to come together. We spent a few hours working on that, and are both so happy with how it’s looking so far. There’s still more work to be done, but it’s looking fantastic.

During that time, there was a break for a while as I tended to Casey. He’d been sitting at the kitchen table, eating lunch. All of a sudden I heard the chair hitting the floor and him screaming bloody murder. His mouth was a pool of blood for a good 20 minutes. I had him suck on a gold washcloth until the bleeding stopped and I could see what had happened. In the fall, he’d bitten his tongue REALLY hard. There are a few sores in a line along the left side of his tongue. He kept sucking on a cold washcloth for a couple hours. Finally he wanted to take it out and he even ate dinner!

After Colin and I got off for the day, I made fresh salad. Need to get all that produce eaten up! I had the last of what I’d made yesterday, and left the fresh salad for Dave. I remembered to put nuts in mine this time and it was fabulous!

Then I started, albeit several hours later than usual, to get my free book and paid emails done for the day. Casey wanted to play Jenga, so I got through the free book emails and then we played a game of Jenga. Then I started a bath for him while we played another game. Got him in the tub and finished up my paid emails.

Dave got home while I was making the bath for Casey. He got right in the shower. Hope it wasn’t cold for him, but nothing I could do about it if it was.

I still need a shower as well. Other than that, my plans for the rest of the day are probably going to consist of Wiz, since I haven’t done much on it today besides gardening and a bit of fishing.

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