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Monday & Tuesday

Slept ok Sunday night, but it was hard to get up since I was up so late the night before. Managed to get myself and Casey up in time and him off to school.

Came back home and got situated on SL to park, and then hopped straight on Minecraft. Spent the day fishing until my eyes were ready to pop out of their sockets and/or start bleeding out. It was crazy. I’d fish and fish and fish trying to get either XP or an enchanted book. Finally I managed to get my perfect Pickaxe, so I went mining with it. It was freakin’ sweet. Ended up with a couple stacks of 64 diamonds. That’s a lot. Like, a lot lot. That was throughout the entire day, all that.

So, at 10:30 I had my physical therapy. It was strange but slightly refreshing having the appointment with Casey at school, not having to worry about keeping him occupied was kinda nice but I kinda missed him. Worked my leg like crazy trying to rebuild strength, and felt the soreness by the end of the day.

Picked Casey up on time, he came running to me and said he missed me. That was sweet, and I missed him too. Got him home, and he had a snack for a while. I was playing Minecraft while he had his snack (see above). Once he was done, he joined me. It’s not nearly as annoying to me now that we’ve rebuilt his house, he actually spends more time doing his own thing.

Poor Autumn. She signed on and tried to mine for diamonds, but only found 2 in quite a length of time. So then she tried fishing, but for some reason wasn’t catching anything. It’s just a matter of timing to catch anything, and you can really catch anything, but she was catching absolutely nothing, so her timing must have been really off. She was getting down from her bad luck, especially given that I was having such good luck. But I showed her around my chest room and showed her the library of enchanted books at the Community Center, and that cheered her up. I felt bad that I was doing so well and she wasn’t, but for the longest time it felt like things were the other way around.

That reminds me, me and Autumn did end up taking him to the village in the evening. That was kinda nice? We were trying to obtain a special map for an achievement. Unfortunately, the map took us to a mansion where we’d already been. Would have been nice to have had the map the last time around.

Dinner was tacos, Dave cooked. They were ok, but there was definitely something missing. It was almost like the meat wasn’t seasoned. I’m not sure. I’m sure Dave loved them though. Opposites.

Got Casey to bed at a fairly reasonable time, but still a little later than I would like for a school night.

Once he was tucked in, it was back to Minecraft. This was the point at which we (Autumn and I) were discovering that the map was leading us to the mansion we’d already been to.

There are these strange cows, called Mooshrooms, that are red and white and look like Mario-ish mushrooms with little mushrooms on their backs. There’s a whole biome (kinda like a country maybe?) for them. Autumn had a lead with her, and I had wheat, so between us we managed to get home with 4 of them. It was a very long and tedious trip, but so worth it. So, something good did come out of going for that achievement.

Got to bed later than I wanted to again. I didn’t really care, though. I ended up sleeping halfway decent, but it was hard to get up again.

Got myself and Casey up on time, though, and got him off to school. When I got back home, I got on the computer. Got situated and parked on SL after paying rents, making sure there as a couple months on everything. Then, it was on to Minecraft.

While Casey was at school, Dave did his usual of working out, then showering, then going for coffee. So, I was able to talk to Colin for a bit while he was out. Usually Dave drinks his coffee at the coffee shop. Today he didn’t.

So, Dave comes home and I’m mid-sentence when I hear “who are you talking to?” I said “A friend.” Like I said, I was mid-sentence, and I was also in the middle of putting leftover taco meat in the microwave to heat up for my lunch. So, Dave moves on from the fact that I’m actually speaking to someone on the phone, and starts bitching about me eating his dinner for my lunch, that I had frozen meals I could eat, and I was only thinking of myself, as always, by reheating his dinner for my lunch. I slammed the microwave shut, put everything back in the fridge, saying not much of anything because there’s really nothing that can be said to him, ever, and went back to my room. I’m not sure if I was more embarrassed about Colin overhearing how Dave actually treats me on damn near an hourly basis, or pissed off about the entire situation. I sat for a minute at my desk, thinking about lunch, and decided I’d go out and eat somewhere. So, I went to Taco Bell, and was able to talk to Colin some more while I enjoyed some damn good tacos. Ok, well, it was nachos with one taco on the side lol. But it worked.

Came home from lunch and said nothing to Dave, just got back on the computer and did some more Minecraft. Mostly just fishing and mining. Kinda got to the point of not needing to do anything besides actually move forward in the game. Get to the Ender Dragon and End City. But, I’ve never played this game, so I don’t know what that entails.

Went and picked Casey up in the afternoon, and he ran to me when he saw me again. I picked him up and held him, and he told me he was starting to miss me again. So sweet. Brought him home and he grabbed his jawbreaker again, same snack as yesterday. He licked away on that while watching me play Minecraft. I was just mining away.

Once he’d had enough of his jawbreaker, he asked to join me in playing. So we played together. We did separate things for the most part, but it was nice to be together.

My Pick that was supposed to mend itself, well it only mends itself when I’m getting XP from using it. Coal is usually a decent source of XP, but for me it doesn’t seem to be a guarantee. Redstone, Lapis, and Diamonds are guarantee XP drops. I wasn’t finding much of those today, so my Pick was getting worn down and not mending itself. Kinda sucked. Kinda sucked a lot. I even took an iron pick down to use on the things that didn’t give XP, but that was wearing down even quicker.

Took care of the bill pay stuff sometime in the afternoon. Casey was upset that I wasn’t playing Minecraft at the time, but it needed to be done. Things aren’t going as well financially as I would like, mostly due to our constant extraneous spending. Dave’s been getting coffee out almost every day during his vacation, plus we went to the Dells and I put everything except the Duck Boat Tour on the debit card. But, some of the things I budget for the 1st of the month paycheck don’t actually need to be paid until the mid-month paycheck, so we’ll manage.

After I was done with bill pay, it was back to Minecraft.

Got Casey to bed a bit later than usual, but he doesn’t have school again until Monday. I was secretly hoping he’d ask for a slumber party, because we haven’t had one for a very long time and I miss them. I didn’t want to offer, though, not sure why. And he didn’t ask. So, got him tucked in and got back on Minecraft.

Did a bit of fishing, then asked Autumn if she wanted help with the bridge she was constructing to the nearest village. So, I’m currently helping out by putting the side rails up with torches for light, and tabbing back to this to get it posted before I forget my days.

Getting sleepy, but really wanting to try and stay awake until this bridge is done. It’s going to be so handy, and I’m pleased with myself for my ability to help out in some way, do something for the good of all of us players. I’m tempted to make coffee or some caffeinated tea. But we’ll see. I don’t want to be up super late from drinking coffee, lol.

My knee has been pretty sore all day, really overdid it at therapy yesterday. I’m not sure how much good it’s going to do me to overdo it at therapy and not be able to perform the exercises at home between sessions. We shall see. If need be, I’ll tell Katie we need to tone it down a notch. She’s really good about making sure I don’t overdo it. But I’ve been pushing myself too hard, without her realizing it because I haven’t said as much, so I need to speak up and look out for my knee.

Ok, back to work on Minecraft. Until next time!

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