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Monday & Tuesday

Managed to get up at a reasonable time, despite the tummy ache I’d had the night before. I didn’t want to oversleep, so I set my alarm and did ok.

In lieu of coffee, I had coke. I didn’t want to risk the coffee.

Got on SL and parked, got on Wiz to do my gardens, got on DDO to do the daily dice roll, then got on Aura Kingdom for a bit.

Took care of bill pay stuff, since I needed to go to the grocery store and wanted to make sure we were within budget.

While it was still morning, I headed to Aldi then Walmart for shopping, with a list of stuff for Dave as well. I talked to Colin while I was out.

When I was just getting to Walmart, Colin was “teasing” and I was about fed up with it. So, I just said, “OK!!” to give him the hint. He asked if I was talking to him or someone else. I said him, because he was going on and on as always. He was like “Well, it’s never on with you.” I kinda blinked and just said, “I think I’ll just talk to you some other time.” He didn’t hang up, so once I’d gotten my cart I hung up the call. Never heard anything from him the rest of the day.

Got home and put about half the groceries away and then rested. It was a lot of walking for someone who’s been completely sedentary since January! Pecked at the rest of the groceries throughout the day.

* Note: I’m pretty sure I’d forgotten something and had to go back to Walmart, and that was when the whole interchange with Colin happened, but I don’t recall what I’d forgotten…

I also played on Aura Kingdom on and off for the rest of the day.

Got Casey a bath, later than we should have with it being a school night, and got him to bed later than we should have.

I wasn’t able to stay up much later myself, which is good, cuz, school night. Slept ok, not the best but not the worst.

Got up in time to get Casey ready for his first day back to school! Got some coffee and got up and ready. I drove him to school, because he had a ton of stuff to take with him, school supplies. I walked him to his classroom to drop the stuff off, then walked with him to the cafeteria and helped him get his food. I sat with him while he ate, then walked him back to his classroom again. Snapped a quick photo of him by the door, and gave him a hug and kiss.

By the time I got out of there, there was no time to stop by the house before I had to go to physical therapy, so I just headed straight there.

Katy was impressed with my progress in just one week of having the brace. I was there without my cane and walking without a limp. She took me back to a room to assess the fit and everything, and then I walked for 10 minutes on the treadmill to start things out. Did some other new exercises, which she printed off for me to start doing at home a few times a week to continue my progress. They are based off of my favorite workout, the Insanity Workout, but with alterations for someone who just can’t get all insane anymore.

After Physical Therapy, I stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts for some breakfast to take home with me. Ate that while I was doing my usual morning stuff. Got parked on SL, did the gardens on Wiz, the dice roll on DDO, then on to Aura Kingdom.

Played on Aura Kingdom on and off the rest of the day.

After lunch, I walked the rent check up to the office. So it was about half a mile on the treadmill, and another 0.6 miles total to take the rent check up. That’s over a mile! I was so stinkin’ happy!

Got the dishes taken care of in the afternoon, but other than that took it easy. I didn’t want to do myself an injury after just recovering from the past 8 months of nonstop pain.

When Dave got home from work, which was early so he could mow before the bad weather we were expecting, he asked if I’d gotten the cake sorted for the next day, Casey’s birthday. SHIT! I hadn’t! So I grabbed my stuff and rushed out the door. I had to pick up cupcakes for the class, as well, anyway. I can’t believe I’d forgotten that! I asked Casey if he wanted to go with to pick out the cupcakes, but he said no. Probably for the best, since we always surprise him with the cake.

I grabbed Arby’s for our dinner on the way home. It was pretty good, I had their Gyro.

Got Casey to bed at a much better time, about 8:30. Still maybe half an hour later than it should be, but much better.

I was exhausted by then, so I went to bed shortly after. I had trouble falling asleep, though.

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