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Monday & Tuesday

Monday, got up, got my latte, and got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. I texted Daniel about getting together, but he said he had to work after dropping Michael off at school. Continued getting ready to take Casey, and then went and dropped him off.

Came back home and got on Aura Kingdom to check things, then on to Minecraft.

There wasn’t really much I felt like doing, so I didn’t stay on long at the time. I ended up starting to read the More Than Two book that Dave had told me about, around the time things started to fall apart with him.

Once Autumn woke up, we got on Minecraft together and played.

Picked Casey up from school, no one was there for Michael and no sign of him so he must have ridden the bus to his mom’s.

Got Casey to sit on the toilet for a while after we got home, and then we played Minecraft together until it was time for him to get ready for bed. Got him tucked in, then got back to Minecraft.

Autumn convinced me to send Daniel a text to see where things stand, but I never did get a response before going to bed. I’d mentioned doing a poll, “check yes or no,” and she said I should. I got it put together, but didn’t send it.

Stayed up until about the usual time for a school night, then went to bed myself.

Got a text in the wee hours of the morning that there’d be no school, so that meant I’d get to sleep in a bit, too. Dave tried waking me up when it was almost 7:30, so I let him know there was no school. I eventually got up around 10am.

Got my latte and got parked on SL, then got on Conan to refresh the bases, then Aura Kingdom to check things and relist items on the Auction House. Then I took care of my free book & paid emails, before finally getting on Minecraft.

Casey created another new skin for his character before also joining me on Minecraft.

I ended up finally sending the poll to Daniel, because I still hadn’t gotten a text back from him and enough’s enough already. I deserve to know where things stand with us.

Once Autumn woke up, she got on Minecraft with me and Casey. I wasn’t really doing anything, just kinda in a funk waiting to hear something, anything, from Daniel. I eventually at least started doing a few things, mining and exploring.

The three of us played Minecraft throughout the rest of the day, until it was time to get Casey ready for bed. Got him tucked in, and then Autumn and I continued playing. She was having internet problems, but we still managed to get quite a bit of exploring in.

Got to bed on time, expecting there to be school the next day.

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