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Monday & Tuesday

I got up earlier than I had been, thanks to extra alarms. I got some coffee while the computer booted, then messed around on Facebook.

Dave dropped Casey off before he went to work, so we got to spend the day together. He spent most of the time on Super Mario Maker 2 while I played on Black Desert.

I got on Minecraft at one point and went into a new world and started work on the townhouse I liked. When I tired of it, I went back to Black Desert.

I took him back home a while before I had to go to work, then stopped by the liquor store before heading back home to finish getting ready.

Work went really well, we were out of there quicker than I think I’ve ever gotten out of there.

After work, I headed back home and got on Black Desert for a little bit before bed.

Tuesday I was up early again, thankfully. I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then did the Facebook thing again.

Dave dropped Casey off before he went to work, and shortly after we headed to OT and Speech. Casey got cranky during OT and it carried over into Speech.

We stopped at McDonald’s after the appointments so we could eat lunch on the way home. Once we were home, we got settled back in. Casey had his Switch taken away because of how he behaved at OT, but I let him use his phone still.

I got on Grand Theft Auto V, which I’d gotten at a super cheap price. I messed around on there for a while, but kept getting network errors.

I got on Black Desert long enough for my daily login bonuses. After that, I tried GTA5 again. It was working ok.

After I got Casey tucked into bed, I got on Minecraft with Cyn and worked on the townhouse some more while she worked on a Jungle village idea she had. We kept at it until I was ready for bed.

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