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Monday, February 1, 2021

After dropping Casey off at school in the morning, I went by Greg’s and picked him up. We stopped by my work so he could get his coffee for the day, and he bought me one too. My boss was our cashier and she let me know that her last day at our store would be the 17th. I was devastated. She’s been the most amazing boss I’ve ever had in my entire history of working. She’s moving to the Black River Falls store. I will miss her!

After we finished checking out at my work, I dropped Greg off next door at KFC so he could work. I headed back home and managed to get the finances dealt with, but that was about it because I spent much of the day in the bathroom with an upset stomach. I could only assume it had to do with eating Kung Pao Chicken right before bed the night before.

I picked Casey up from school at the usual time and we headed back to the apartment for a while. Dave picked him up around 4:30 since I was scheduled to work that night. Then, I headed to my work to pick Greg up. He’d walked over there to get a few things after he got done with work not long before.

My stomach was churning and I knew better than to go to work later, so I texted my boss from the Goodwill parking lot, where Greg wanted to stop so he could get some comfy pants to leave at my apartment for when he’s over. My boss let me know that I needed to call the store and find my own cover, so I got busy with phone calls and texts while Greg was inside looking around for pants.

Greg struck out at Goodwill and asked me to take him to Family Dollar. I went in with him since I was just waiting to hear back from a couple people at that point. We looked around the entire store, and after a little while, I finally heard from Britney that Cheryl would cover my shift but couldn’t get there until 7:30. I had to call the store again to ask if Dawn could stay an extra half-hour. She could, so I let Britney know. Greg and I finished up our shopping, then headed back to my place.

My stomach was still upset and I had another trip to the bathroom. I knew Greg wanted to shower and then make love, but wasn’t sure he’d still want to do that knowing what was going on with me. I should have hopped in the shower, but instead, I used a cleansing wipe to clean up and smell fresh. I really didn’t think he’d still want to do anything sexual given what was going on, but once he was done in the shower he motioned for me to come to him and we did make love for a while.

He needed to go back to his place for at least a while and asked to stop by Kwik Trip on the way. After dropping him off, I headed home and spent a while just messing around on Facebook until I was falling asleep at my desk. I’d been texting with him a bit, but he didn’t seem ready for me to go pick him back up.

I ended up falling asleep, and some texts from him periodically woke me up. I didn’t realize how much time was passing between texts. He was feeling like he was being torn in multiple different directions. He wanted to see me, he wanted to hang out with Tim, and he wanted to spend time with his son. He finally said that if I showed up there he’d get in the car with me and go back to my place. So, I showed up there.

Once back at my place, we made love again and went to sleep.

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