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Man, I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. I almost didn’t, but somehow managed to. Got Casey up, fed, and off to school on time.

Came back home, had some coffee while I got dressed in SL, then went to therapy.

The conversation with Lisa went well. I told her about the thing last week where I’d been irritated that Dave couldn’t postpone his bathroom routine to sit down and eat as a family, then an hour later feeling like “he shouldn’t even have ANY expectations for me (because of the separation).” Kinda at a point where I don’t see things getting better, because he’s not willing to get into marriage counseling. He thinks it’s too far gone, so how can things get better if we can’t get help together? So then we talked about making plans for me to go back to school, get a degree, and get back into the work force. Sometime before my next appointment, I am to call or meet with someone at the local college.

After therapy, came back home and took care of my free book & paid emails, then spent some time talking to Colin while I scrolled Facebook. I wasn’t really motivated to do anything else.

I did check on the garden on Wiz, but didn’t spend any more time on than that. I just didn’t feel like doing anything.

Went and picked Casey up from school, and he wanted to play Minecraft as soon as we got home. He was in the process of moving “his” computer chair to my room when I was bringing the mail in. He got a present from my parents for Halloween, and I got a game thing I’d ordered on Wish. He played around with the game for a bit, but then got on with Minecraft.

Made a green bean skillet for dinner from the Forks Over Knives magazine. It was really good.

Casey’s finishing up his bedtime snack, so I’ll be getting him ready and tucked in shortly. I’m not sure yet what I’ll do tonight. I could get on Wiz or watch NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans. Just as long as I’m not sitting here scrolling through Facebook endlessly I’ll be alright.

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