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Woke up around 6:30 with Casey jumping into my bed. It startled me, but then I got some snuggles! Got outta bed and got my coffee, got on SL to change the textures on my clothes and park up for the day. Got Casey breakfast and dropped him off at school.

A woman who, without a doubt, was Daniel’s mom, was there to drop Michael off at school. And yet all I could think was “Well, guess that means I won’t see him today.”

Later on it occurred to me… something’s going on with Leanne. So I sent Daniel a text letting him know I was here for him and that I hoped to hear from him soon.

After getting home from dropping Casey off, I got on Wiz to check the gardens. I heard from a couple people right away, but didn’t spend much time chatting with them.

Got on Conan Exiles to check it out, mainly just to see if it would even run. Colin had been a beta tester, but then bought himself another copy for a sword he wanted that came with the official release, so he had an extra code and had given it to me. It did run, not bad at all, and so he ended up getting on and playing with me for a while. It was fun! It reminds me a lot of Minecraft, but more geared towards adults.

Picked up Casey from school and saw Daniel’s mom there again. Now I was growing increasingly worried about Leanne! But, I shouldn’t know anything, because she doesn’t know that Daniel and I had hit it off, so I can’t just text her to check on her. Gah!

After Casey was done sitting on the toilet, he laid down and watched his tablet for a while. Dave ended up getting home around 4:30, so not long after Casey had laid down.

I made Cincinnati style Chili for dinner. It was with the canned version of the seasoned meat and wasn’t as good as the powdered seasoning packets you can get. It was still good, though.

After dinner I got a download started for the new Fallout ’76 because Colin got two free codes for beta-testing. We’re supposed to do that together Tuesday and Thursday. He said that if it ran ok and I liked it, he’d buy me the full version once it’s out.

While Fallout was downloading, I got back to reading and did that for the rest of the night. Took a break from it to get Casey to bed around 8, but then continued reading. I struggled to stay awake for the last 20-30 minutes of the book, but I forced myself to keep reading because I was so close to the end of the book.

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