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Got up a bit earlier than I usually do on a school day. Got my latte and got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school a few minutes later than usual, though. Just couldn’t get out the door on time, lol.

Came back home and got on a call with Colin for a short while, since Dave was out for a blood draw for God knows what since he never tells me anything unless it’s about one of his girlfriends.

Got on Wiz for a few because they were having sales and I was curious if there would be anything good. There wasn’t.

Around 9am, Dave gets home and starts bitching at me for not having all the dishes washed. Dishes that HE had put in the sink yesterday instead of in the dishwasher. I pointed that out but he kept right on bitching, then continued bitching about the few other chores that needed to be done. He said some bullshit about waiting for things to change for 16 years and that they never will. FOR SIXTEEN YEARS YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR ME TO BE YOUR FUCKING MAID INSTEAD OF YOUR WIFE??? Ain’t gonna happen!

I was fuming. It felt like the last straw. I started researching how to handle this, as a military spouse being verbally and emotionally abused. I don’t think I can handle being in this situation much longer, and Casey doesn’t need to be around that kind of attitude either. I also contacted Verizon through chat to see if they had any way to recover a text message from almost 2 years ago that is evidence of him being DIAGNOSED as a narcissist. Unfortunately, I hit a brick wall, being that it’s President’s Day. I can’t report his abuse to the military people because they’re off today, as he was. And I can’t call Verizon, as I was instructed to by the chat representative, because he was home.

Once I was done dealing with the brief research, I took care of my free book and paid emails. Then I bolted out the door to go to Walmart. I didn’t necessarily need groceries, but I couldn’t bear the thought of being stuck in the house with him ALL DAY. Dave was out on the porch shoveling. He warned me that there was a patch of ice on one of the steps, and offered his hand to help me down. I raised my hand out of his reach and said “I’m good,” and kept walking. How dare he try and be chivalrous after the stunt he’d just pulled a short time before!

Grabbed my favorite sandwich from Subway and ate that while talking with Colin again. Then walked, very slowly, around the store, looking at everything I wasn’t there to look at. The only thing, besides some frozen dinners, I was intending to look at was voice recorders. The only one they had, besides a few big and bulky ones, was $40. I can’t justify that kind of expense. I’d have to see if I could track down an app. I’m not sure what ever happened to the built in voice recorder I’ve always had on my phone.

Having nothing in my cart at that point, and having nothing else in the store I could really look at unless I wanted to do a second lap around, which I didn’t want to do because my knee was starting to ache, I headed on over to the grocery section and got the frozen meals, some chocolate milk for Casey, and a couple lunchables for him for lunches a couple times this week.

Headed back home and got the few groceries put away, then went back to my room and sat down at my desk. I scrolled through Facebook, then Flipboard, then Facebook again, and finally decided to just go ahead and get on DDO. If I’m going to be sitting at my computer anyway, regardless of his tirades, I may as well do whatever I feel like doing.

Played on my Rogue for a while, working on quests in Stormreach Harbor. I got a lot of good drops in one I kept redoing over and over on increasingly higher difficulties until I reached the one I couldn’t beat. Then I went back and started repeating it again on the highest difficulty I could handle, until I noticed the amount of XP I was getting was starting to dwindle. It was almost time to go pick Casey up anyway, so I sorted my inventory quick and then went to pick him up.

After the shitty day I’d had, I really hoped I’d get to see a handsome face at parent pick-up, but no such luck. Got Casey and went home, had him sit on the toilet for a while, and got back on DDO. I started working on other dungeons I had quests for, and eventually found myself in another one like Korthos Island. This one was called The Waterworks, which is also the name of a dungeon in Wiz I’d avoided until I was much to high a level to have any use for the drops from. I played in that dungeon while Casey played Minecraft next to me. He kept asking me about me playing Minecraft, but I didn’t feel like it. DDO was much more exciting to me at the time.

Next thing I know it’s about time for me to hop in the shower before it was time to get Casey ready for bed. While I was in there, Casey comes in complaining that his computer was still not working right. The only other thing I can check is what is running on startup, and disable anything that isn’t necessary. I’m pretty sure I did that after I restored it to factory settings some time ago, but I can check again.

Once I had Casey all tucked in, which was past his actual bedtime but he always spends too much time getting ready, I hopped back on DDO and worked on The Waterworks some more, until I’d completed all but their slayer and rare encounters tasks. Then I did a couple other dungeons to have a break, since getting the slayer completed is always tedious.

Now I’m just getting ready for bed, pretty tired.

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