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Got up, got my latte, and got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home. Was able to get dressed and parked on SL despite this week’s ongoing maintenance. Pleasant surprise.

Launched Minecraft for a few, but then had to go to the auto shop to have my oil changed and an inspection done to see what all would be needed, in addition to what I’d asked for.

Spent nearly an hour sitting and waiting. During that time I played on my phone a bit and read some out of the More Than Two book, starting back at the beginning.

Headed back home after all was said and done, with an appointment next Thursday to get $1350 worth of work done on my car. Mostly just stuff that needed to be done because of putting 100,000 miles on it.

Got on Minecraft with Autumn and Colin came on shortly after. We all went about doing stuff for the rest of the day. I was off on an adventure looking for cats for an achievement, and Cyn was off adventuring in another direction, while Colin stayed back at his place doing stuff with his house and yard.

Went and picked Casey up from school, he didn’t look too happy. He said his tummy was upset and his neck was sore. Let’s see, Friday he had a normal lunch and then had cotton candy and chips for dinner at the carnival. Saturday he had God knows what when he was on the little road trip with Dave, 4 hours each way down to visit Gram-Dini’s. And then yesterday all I think he ate was a couple of donuts at Paul Bunyan’s and some popcorn. I wonder why his tummy’s not feeling the best?

He sat on the toilet for a couple hours, refusing to get off of it until that much time had passed. He said he wanted some mac & cheese, then changed his mind and asked for popcorn. I made him mac & cheese as I was finishing up cooking my dinner, with no promises of popcorn after.

Dave got home and informed me that one of his girlfriends had invited him over for dinner, after I’d already been sure to leave the meat on the side for him even though the recipe called for it to be combined after the meat was seared. I made a smartass comment about how it would have been nice to know that ahead of time, because I wouldn’t have left the meat separate.

Casey ate his mac & cheese, and then got in the bath. He soaked for quite a while, with me on Minecraft still looking for more cats for that achievement.

Finally he washed up and I helped him get into towels and into his bed to lay while he dried off. I got on the shower, expecting to hear him come in at any second to start getting ready for bed, but nope. I peeked in on him after my shower, and he was still awake. He didn’t look like he felt sick, just not feeling the best.

Got into my jammie’s and got dinner put away, I’d made home chef (separate entry). Got the dishes soaking, then went and peeked in on Casey again. He’d fallen asleep. I helped him get into his jammies, read to him, and tucked him in. Then I headed back to the kitchen to get the dishes in the dishwasher so I could run it right away. Cleaned off the counters and headed around the house to close the blinds since it was getting dark.

I was going to close the ones downstairs, they were easily within arm’s reach but slightly to my right. There was a Critter Catcher on the floor near my right foot, and my foot found it. I tripped, and my whole right leg collapsed a bit. My right leg… the one with the bad knee. I made it back up to my room and sat down, forgetting to grab an ice pack on the way. A short while later, I had to take my 2nd set of pills anyway, so I grabbed the ice pack at the same time.

Autumn and I headed for the nether, but I stupidly attacked a zombie pigman. They are non-hostile unless provoked, and quite deadly when they are. I died and respawned back at home, and Autumn headed back with my stuff. I worked on a nicer enclosure for a turtle we’d found earlier, since we’d have to wait a while for the zombie pigmen not to hate me anymore. Then we headed back to the nether.

That trip was more fruitful, we even got some blaze rods and nether wart, which we both need for potions and other things. But then a zombie pigman turned a corner, and I was panicking about wither’s I’d just killed, and I started attacking him. Two of his friends joined in, but between me and Autumn we killed them all. Then we boxed ourselves in so we’d be safe for 20 minutes. It was just as well, since Autumn needed to step away anyway.

Once she was back, we dug ourselves out and looted a couple more chests, killing any mobs in our way, and then headed home. I got all my stuff put away and made an Ender Chest, then got ready for bed.

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