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I got up and got my coffee while the computer booted, then got Casey up, dressed, and fed. I hadn’t found him in his own bed, somehow he’d ended up in Dave’s bed with his stuffed animals and everything. I dropped him off at school at the usual time, noticing that Daniel was dropping Michael off as well. He’d gotten there earlier than he used to, I was surprised.

I’d sent Brad a quick message wishing him a good day, and hoping I would hear something back from him so I could see him at night.

I headed back home and went through the finances for the mid-month bill pay. I was pleased with how things were coming together. I’d been able to make a $750 payment to my Capital One card that I hadn’t expected to make. I went ahead and gave them a call as well, to see if I could get the Military SCRA benefits applied to the account without having to add Dave to the account. They sent me a link to upload the necessary documents, making it nice and easy. It would take up to two billing cycles before I would see the change reflected.

Once the finances were done, I took care of my free book & paid emails. Then, I was quickly checking AFF since I’d had the site open, and saw a message from none other than DANIEL! I couldn’t believe he’d have the audacity to message me there. It was relatively harmless, though. He claimed to have forgotten he had the account, but a charge had come out of his account. He apologized for everything that had happened and wanted to be sure that Michael could still be friends with Casey, and that we’d be able to be cordial when we were around each other. I felt like a response would be appropriate, so I let him know I’m not the type of person to say our kids can’t be friends because of what happened, and that I am a mature adult and can be cordial when we have to be around each other. Then about 10 minutes later I sent another quick message letting him know I’d changed my phone number, and that AFF would not be reliable for communicating about Scout stuff.

I ordered some Jimmy John’s for lunch since I didn’t really feel like cooking anything for dinner later. Otherwise, I would have just had leftovers for lunch. I was ready to start work but figured I may as well wait for the food to arrive and for me to eat it. Then, once I’d eaten, I remembered some things I’d needed from Walmart.

I headed to Walmart and said to Colin I may as well just take the day off at the rate I was going. I got the things I needed, then headed back home. I picked up an extra item, a 2-in-1 fan with heating or cooling. I spent my own money on it so Dave couldn’t bitch. I’m sure he’d find a reason to bitch about it anyway, though. I got everything put away and got the fan set up, then quickly packed up the boxes for the children in 3rd world countries. Our church was sending them for Christmas to give them gifts and spread the word of Christ. After I had the boxes packed, I decided to go ahead and do some work anyway.

I got about an hour of work done by the time I had to go pick Casey up from school. Once I brought him back home and he got on the toilet, I resumed work for another 3 hours, eating through dinner again.

Dave saw fit to come into my room and be nosy. Of course, he started asking about the fan. I had it blowing heat, and he asked me if it was a heater. I didn’t feel like dealing with him, so I didn’t respond to his questions. I could tell from the way he was speaking to me that it wouldn’t matter what I would say, he’d just start bitching anyway.

I got a quick shower, then did another half hour of work while Casey got ready for bed. Once he was ready and I was done with work, I read to him and tucked him in. Then I completed one last half hour of work and got on Fallout 76 for a while.

I wasn’t doing very well surviving on Fallout, and just as I was about to get slaughtered again I got a text from Brad saying I could come over if I wanted. I shut the computer down and changed into PJs I would feel comfortable wearing home in the morning, then headed to his house. We chatted for a short while about politics and then headed upstairs.

He wore boxers this time, which was kind of unusual, so I didn’t think he wanted to have sex. We snuggled and caressed each other for a while, and he ended up ditching the boxers lol. Afterward, we snuggled up to each other and went to sleep, with me neglecting again to have the talk.

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