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I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then had Casey start on his writing while I worked on my free book & paid emails. Then I hopped on Black Desert on the Xbox and played on there while also seeing to it that Casey completed his school work.

Later at night, despite how late it was, I sent Brad a text saying I could really go for some sausage, lol. He responded back right away and I ended up taking a quick shower so I could go over there.

Right after I left the driveway, I was checking the time to make sure I entered it correctly for this one project I’m on with Appen, when I heard an awful crunch. I’d hit the neighbor’s parked car. I bolted out of my car, leaving my purse inside with the door wide open even, and ran to their door. They were very nice about it, collected my information and said it was no big deal. I explained my concern about how Dave would react, and the guy said he was a cop and if Dave gave me any trouble to send him to their house to talk about it.

The damage

I made my way to Brad’s, being careful because the front bumper was hanging loose and I didn’t want it to mess up my tire. Brad was in the kitchen doing a bit of cleaning up and he chatted away, oblivious to anything going on with me. I took a Xanax and tried to act as normal as I possibly could, so I can’t blame him for not noticing anything off.

Once he was done in the kitchen we headed upstairs. It was difficult to get into the lovemaking, with the accident on my mind, but he sure has a way of washing away all worries. Then we went to sleep.

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