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It was mentioned yesterday that I always start my posts the same. It’s just my way of filling the post. Because if I don’t type those things out, then my post would usually just be “I did the usual.”

Brad’s alarm went off before mine. We got up and got dressed and I headed home. I got some coffee while the computer booted. I messed around on Facebook waiting for my free book & paid emails to arrive. Once Casey was up and it was time for him to start school for the day, I had him do his writing. I dealt with my emails as they arrived, then got on Minecraft for a bit.

Before lunch, we walked the rent check to the office. It was a nice walk, but I got a bit chilly. Casey’s hoodie was thicker. When we got home, we got some lunch and then Casey got started on math.

He ended up pitching a fit about his math work because he doesn’t like doing those particular worksheets. He also thought I had called him a liar about why he doesn’t want me to read the problems out loud for him anymore. I’d thought he’d said that I told him it took too long when I read the problems aloud. He got so mad he ended up hitting me! The Switch has been taken away for a while, and I told him he needs to start spending more time off electronics than on them. There is never an excuse or reason to hit someone like that. His behavior over getting electronics taken away is ridiculous, too.

We went to Walmart to grab a few things. The main thing I wanted to get was some of the Frixion pens for my new Rocketbook that had arrived in the mail. They’re really awesome pens and can be used on any paper, but they’re the only pens that can be used in the Rocketbook. The book came with a black pen, I wanted other colors.

We got a few other groceries, then headed home and put them away. Casey went to play in his playroom, and I got started writing stuff in the calendar pages of the Rocketbook.

Dave tricked Casey into trying his nasty homemade mac & cheese. I’d tried a bite and cringed. Casey did say it tasted weird, but he ate it all.

After dinner, he played some more until he eventually asked if he still had his phone and tablet. I was happy he’d at least been playing in his playroom, and I hadn’t said no electronics just no Switch, so I told him he could use his phone and tablet. Neither had been plugged in since the last time they were used. The phone had a bit of battery power left.

I got on Black Desert and quested with a couple guildies. It was fun, a bit challenging though. We kept it up after I got Casey tucked into bed for the night. An hour or so later I was ready for bed myself.

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