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It was the perfect start to my day, with Brad wanting to make love again before getting out of bed. We stayed like that for as long as we possibly could before finally getting up, getting dressed, and heading downstairs. I went home and got some coffee while the computer rebooted, then got on Facebook while I waited for my free book & paid emails.

I took care of my emails as they came in, while also making sure Casey got his schoolwork done. It seems like it’s taking him less and less time to do his schoolwork, which is odd since I have always had him do so much of it since this whole virus thing started.

Once my emails were done, I got on Minecraft and spent most of the rest of the day playing around on there. First I finished the aquarium, and later in the evening, I started working on some townhouses. I paused once to go to Walmart with Casey to get a few things, then got back to it for a while.

I got on Black Desert for a while to finish doing what I’d started the last time I’d been on, as well as participate in a world boss fight. Then, it was back to Minecraft. I took a break to get Casey ready for bed and tucked in, then got back to it until I was ready for bed myself.

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