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May the Fourth was with me! And Cinco de Mayo was NOT fun.

Do I even bother talking about my sleep anymore? Lol. Same ole’ same ole’.

Casey was up before me. Being 4-K (Pre-K) he doesn’t have school on Fridays. I swear the child gets up better on weekends than he does for school lol.

Got up, probably about 10. Did my usual morning routine.

Got the call from the nurse about my surgery time. I have to be there at 8:45 Monday morning, so we need to leave the house between 7:30 and 7:45. Probably about 7:30. The bus comes around 7:10, so Casey can ride it to school. Talked with Courtney and she confirmed she’ll be in our driveway around 11:24 for the bus to drop him back off. I called the Transportation office and let them know.

The outfit I picked out to wear in SL was one I hadn’t worn before, but had bought quite a while ago. It was adorable. Somehow, Colin and I ended up on the Marketplace looking for other colors of it and found a store selling complete sets for cheap. Bought several things from that shop.

Casey took another nap on my bed, he was probably asleep for about 5 hours.

We were on later than usual, and around quarter past 5 Colin started having issues with his computer again. Apparently, he’d tried to open his email, and it just crashed, and wouldn’t come back on again.

I’d put a turkey ham in the crock pot for dinner in the early afternoon, and all I had to do was heat up some candied yams and bake some croissants to complete dinner. It was pretty good.

Wiz did a weekend special for members that fishing costs no energy, so I did some fishing in the evening.

I had talked with Satori, the owner of the club I am a DJ and Host Manager for, about my upcoming sets. I told her I was kinda on standby for them. I was pretty dopey last night, so didn’t do my set. It’s just as well, my host was having some medical issues and wasn’t able to do her two sets either.

I did end up going to Wycked’s set, she’s my friend who does the set before me. I wasn’t able to be really “present” but we did chat a little bit when I didn’t have to be AFK.

That’s pretty much it before I ended up going to bed, later than I had intended. I could have probably done my set, but I was otherwise occupied and pretty dopey.

Slept in a little bit again today, but not too late. Casey was already up again.

Took care of my usual morning routine.

About noon-ish, I put a roast in the crock pot for dinner. Remind me not to freeze the vegetables from the kit next time, they were a bit water-logged.

Colin’s computer still wouldn’t start, but we were able to talk on Skype still. I was fishing on Wiz at the time that we got on the call, and started getting distracted. I was also going afk a bit, doing some other things. So, I got off Wiz. Colin got permission from his parents, who he lives with still since he’s unable to work for health reasons, to buy a new desktop computer. He spent a good bit of the time we were on doing research on a new system. It was fine by me, I was doing things around the house anyway.

I ended up having a pretty bad panic attack, that started not long after we’d gotten on the call. I’m sure it’s because of the surgery Monday. Cleaning helps me keep my mind off of my anxiety, which then helps me calm down, so I ended up taking care of the dishes, then cleaned the litter box, then got started on cleaning up Casey’s play room. I had wanted to do that before my dad came, because it always looks like such a disaster area and I’m kinda embarrassed by it, really. Colin suggested that may be part of my anxiety as well, wanting to accomplish all these things with a bad knee before the surgery. That’s very possible. Either way, the panic attack was done by the time his play room was all cleaned up.

Casey had laid down on my bed for a nap while I was cleaning his play room.

Dave got home at a semi-reasonable time, but then left right away to go to Walmart to get some things to do some landscaping out front. He got started on that, so I texted him when I knew dinner would be ready in a few minutes. His phone was out there with him. He didn’t come in, so I ended up eating dinner at the kitchen table by myself. Whatever.

Casey finally woke up, about 6pm I’d say, and got dressed to go outside with Dave.

I took a bath, to relax for a bit but also to get clean after all my cleaning earlier in the day.

A little while after I’d gotten out of the bath, I saw a Facebook post from Dave showing off his landscaping. Just about that time, he asked if I’d come out and see the finished product. I said my knee was really bugging me and I would look tomorrow. Then he went on about appreciation for hard work etc etc and so I said I am proud of you guys’ hard work (Casey helped some) and he said I can’t say anything because I haven’t seen it, I said I saw it on Facebook, he went on about having to see it in person. What the fuck ever, I’ll see it tomorrow.

So, that’s where I leave things. Soon it’ll be time to get Casey ready for bed. But first, he wants to fix a decor item in his fish tank that got tipped over. I’ll help him with that, and then maybe he can either take a bath or watch a movie.

So far, my options for tonight include catching up a bit on my shows, watching a movie, doing stuff on SL with Colin if I can persuade him to stay up a bit longer, or do stuff on Wiz with Autumn, my best Wiz friend. I haven’t decided yet. It would be kinda nice to go down to the living room, while I can still get down the stairs easily, sit in Dave’s big comfy squishy recliner, and watch either my shows or a movie. But it would also be SUPER nice to spend the evening with Colin, especially knowing it may be our last opportunity for a while, because of my dad coming to town after my surgery, and him waiting on the desktop to arrive. So, we shall see.

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