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Mandie, Charles, MIL


Sooo things with Mandie are getting more fragile now that her and I are BOTH pregnant. She’s around 5 months now. And it seems like there’s always one thing or another she’s wanting to nit-pick and be bitchy about. And when I tell her she’s being bitchy, she freaks out that I’m calling her a bitch and gets even MORE bitchy! I really cannot handle the stress of that, and I keep telling her that, but she just won’t let things go! And today when we were talking about it she asked how I could tell if she’s being bitchy from READING when I don’t know the context? Well, RIGHT BACK AT YOU. I can’t tell you how many times she’s told me I was being bitchy over shit she’s READ.

Ehh, nothing major, at least right now, though she’s already said that if anything happens the friendship is over for good. DRAMA. I want to be friends with her, really I do, but it’s hard to be friends with someone that won’t let me in!! She won’t tell me things about 90% of the time. And she has NO ONE right now, besides her husband and step-son. Everyone else lives far away and she can only talk to them over the phone. I guess her and her cousin aren’t speaking right now, so I’m the only one she has, but she won’t talk to me. And, it’s the same way the other way around. I don’t talk to her about much of anything. Actually, the only time I do talk to her is when she initiates the conversation. I don’t initiate txts, I never ask her if she wants to do anything, it’s always her making the effort. Yeah, some friend I am.


And then there’s Charles. Well, Charles had some stuff on his computer that really shouldn’t have been there. Last week then his girlfriend is txting me asking me about it. She’s so nosy! I told her there’s NOTHING going on, and that I’m having a baby with my husband and don’t need the constant accusations. The next day I emailed him to find out what happened, and after only a couple emails then he’s freaking out on me, telling me that if I txt him, email him, or even so much as bat an eye at him at work that he’ll have no choice but to pursue harassment charges against me, and that he should have done that to begin with. WOW, a little extreme! Too bad I have at least 50 emails that say that won’t hold up in court!


Not much to say here except that we have agreed, thank God, that she will NOT be watching our baby! Not unless we know she’s given up alcohol for GOOD. And, chances are, she won’t. The last thing we need is some drunk lady watching our baby. I shudder to think of how that could turn out!

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