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Life update…

So, wow, where to begin? Lol.

Dave and I had briefly split up a couple months ago… Click here for more info. During that time, I had somewhat of a fling with this guy from work, Charles. That was also mentioned in the referenced post. After all was said and done, one thing Charles and I always said was that, no matter what, we still wanted to be friends more than anything.

So, we were still talking up until a few weeks ago. One day I was going up to work to pick up some paperwork and I was txting him a couple hours before. At first his responses were timed at about the time he would have been on break. Then the txts continued after that 15 minutes and I got suspicious. Well, turns out it was his girlfriend responding. She ended up calling me, and she is a sweetheart. She said she was thankful she had talked to me because it gave her reassurance that nothing had really happened between me and Charles. When I went up to work, I gave him a message for her, that she needed him to pick up cigarettes for her on his way home. The expression on his face was pure terror. I told him her and I had talked, that she’s really nice, and that she was thankful for the conversation because of the reassurance it gave her for their relationship.

Keri and I exchanged some txts, tried to make plans to meet and hang out, but it never worked out. One day, out of the blue when I was trying to make plans with Charles, instead he emailed me saying to leave him alone, that he didn’t want to be friends anymore, and that he was solely focusing on his relationship with this girlfriend and his work. I was devastated. It felt like I was losing my best friend. His birthdate is one day before my bff Patrick’s, and they really are a lot alike in their personalities. So, Charles really was like my bff, and losing him hurt a lot. I told him I was not giving up, that we would talk face to face, and he insisted we wouldn’t.

I believe strongly in astrology, and had read some stuff in one of my books about the matchup between my birthdate and Charles’s. Just the same as with Patrick, there’s this magnetic pull between the two people that’s virtually unavoidable. People with these birthdates, once they meet, will be drawn to each other in one way or another. It’s why, even when Patrick and I had some bad times, we’ve always been best friends from Day One. Same thing will apply to Charles. Stubborn as he may be, it’s fate. We’re meant to have some sort of connection, whether friendship or otherwise.

Finally, on Saturday, the stars proved to be truthful in what they say about people. We were outside on a break and I said to him something like “So are you still not talking to me?” and he shrugged and we suddenly were friends again, just like that.

Now, here’s a tidbit I don’t know if I’ve ever shared on here… Dave and I are swingers. So, what led to the fling with Charles was that Dave had challenged me to get a boy toy. He always said I didn’t know how to flirt, and that if I could manage to pick up a guy he could be my boy toy. This would be helpful in fulfilling a fantasy of mine in which I’m in bed with a guy that has no clue about my being in the lifestyle, Dave comes home from work, and instead of shit hitting the fan, he joins in. So, the guy I had picked was Charles. Charles had come over to hang out one evening when Dave and I had another couple over to socialize. Dave didn’t like Charles from the first second… because, he reminded him too much of Patrick. I kept arguing that it was ridiculous and blah blah blah. So, when I told Dave that Charles and I had slept together, he responded that he couldn’t be angry with me because he basically egged it on, knew it would happen anyway, he just wished I’d waited for him to come around so he could be there when it happened.

Well, on Saturday once Charles and I hugged and made up, I txted Dave that he was speaking to me again. Dave had thought it as ridiculous as I did that he had stopped speaking to me. When Dave responded to my txt, it was to ask if Charles was going to come over and stuff my stocking. His words. I was like “huh? really” and he was like “yeah” and I was like” umm… seriously?” and then he was like “nevermind, you ruined the (something like spontaneity).” Well, clearly Dave still wants to see me with Charles… later that day Dave said he wondered if Charles would even go for it, if he’d still want to sleep with me after all that’s happened.

So, I emailed Charles, and he responded that he would like to be with me still, that in regards to his girlfriend he just didn’t care. We exchanged a few more emails, and it ended with me telling him that the friendship is more important to me than anything else, and as much as I’d like to be with him again as well, I don’t want anything to come between our friendship again. It’d be too painful.

I’m thankful that Dave isn’t upset that Charles and I are still friends. Because, really, even though we shouldn’t be after what happened, it’s astrologically unavoidable. Dave’s so cool like that, lol.

I think that’s it for this update… I have more I want to post about, but this is lengthy enough with one topic so I’ll wait to bring up the others…

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