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Lazy Sunday

Got up at a slightly more reasonable time on Sunday. Was able to sit and enjoy my coffee and my usual routine.

Dave went to the grocery store, so I was able to talk to Colin for a bit.

In the afternoon, Dave told Casey to have me sit outside with him while he went to the little neighborhood park. I asked Dave if we had anything I could use as a walking stick, so I wouldn’t be confined to one spot. He found what looks like an old mop stick for me to use. I made it up the little hill to the park, which is pretty much in our back yard. My knee was aching just from that. Then Casey wanted me to push him on the swings. That hurt my knee even more. He ended up getting bored with the whole experience and headed back to the house.

I was thinking of taking Casey to McDonald’s for lunch, to have a bit more time to talk to Colin, but ended up just having leftover pizza instead. As much as I wanted to talk to Colin, I couldn’t be bothered with leaving the house. It’s about 25 minutes to Sparta, the closest McDonald’s that also has an indoor play area.

A little while after lunch, Dave started bitching about being the only one capable of looking after Casey. It’s not my fault! I’m having SURGERY in a WEEK because my knee pain is so bad! Why can’t he GET IT?

Despite having started the dishwasher just after lunch, I ended up starting a bath to use one of the bath bombs Dave had gotten me for my birthday. I felt icky and needed to shave anyway. Luckily the bath water was still hot, actually too hot.

The whole bath experience was a nightmare. I spent the entire time crying while trying to shave. I don’t blame the bath bomb, just my knee’s gotten to THAT point. I finally got everything shaved and got out of the tub.

A lot of the day was actually spent browsing Amazon for things I could use the money from Colin on. I ended up ordering a hidden camera pen, an herbal hot/cold pack, a set of 14 different antiquated skeleton key charms, a dotted journal (like a bullet journal), and kindle e-books of Grimm’s and Hans Christian Andersen’s complete fairy tales.

Dinner was lunch meat sandwiches. Dave had picked up stuff for them at Aldi. I put some basil pesto on mine with mayo and it was pretty darn good!

Had an easier time getting Casey to bed, thankfully. Even got to read to him. 😀

I tried to think of something different to do with my evening. I finally came up with just the thing. I bought Fifty Shades Freed on Vudu and watched the first 2/3 of it, then went to bed.

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