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Last night’s dreams…

I have a hard time remembering my dreams, even during this pregnancy, but I do remember 2 I had last night, so I thought I’d post them here.

The first one, starting from the point I remember: I was at some sort of party or event and this person comes in and announces she’s going to kill us all, and holds up what looks like a credit card. This was the murder weapon. She would scratch each and every person with this card, and they would immediately die. Some sort of poison with a different method of injection, maybe? All the exits from the room were blocked, so there was no way out, and so we all had no choice but to accept our certain fates. The first few people dropped, then it came to me. I felt the slice on my wrist, and I fell to the floor. But, I didn’t die! Neither did the people on either side of me! We all lay there, struggling to keep our eyes open so we can’t succumb, and the killer didn’t seem to notice. She just kept making her way around the room and then left! So, as soon as she was gone, the three of us ran, but not together. I went back to my grandma’s apartment, where all my family was, told them what happened, and proceeded up to the attic, which had been made into a couple bedrooms, to hide. The dream ended with me still alive, but somehow “knowing” that this killer would come looking for me.

In the second dream, Dave and I were looking for an apartment to rent in North Carolina. We went to the same landlord we had the last time we lived there, although we weren’t too crazy about her and felt she ripped us off with our security deposit after we moved back out. We were there with my parents to look at some vacancies she had, and were directed to a rental house that was on the same lot as some other townhouse apartments. So the whole dream was all about me exploring this rental property. It was 3 stories with tons of storage. I don’t know how else to describe it, though. And during the time I was exploring, my parents kept running across the street every 10 minutes to this Hawaiian food trolley. And Dinia snuck out of the apartment (for some reason she went with to look at it) and got stung by a bee.

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