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Last night’s dream

So, I had a dream last night and I want to be sure to make note of it while I can remember it.

Me, Casey, and my parents were staying in a 4 story hotel. I don’t know where Dave was. I had gone to the store for something, don’t remember what. When I got back, my dad left to go to the store for beer. We got a call that he had been in an accident. He was still at the hotel, but I had to find where the doctors had him. My mom was already with him. Casey and I started searching the hotel, and asking people who worked there, where we could find someone who’d been in a car accident. We finally found my parents in the gym. We visited for a while, then left to go to our hotel room. When we got in the elevator to head up to the room, there was a creepy man already in there. There wasn’t anything he said or did to give me the creeps, it was just my gut instinct about him. So, we pressed the elevator button for a different floor instead of ours, intending to take the long way back to our room. Instead we found ourselves running around the hotel away from this guy, who was now chasing after us. We made it to some sort of conference room where there was a convention being held for security guards and police officers. With all the armed personnel, we felt safe. We were wrong. I saw creepy guy heading toward us, dressed as an officer. We began running again, and met up with a hispanic chick in the elevator ride this time. I asked her to hold Casey so I could do something, not sure what. She happily obliged, and asked if I would accompany her to a spanish market that was located inside the hotel. Once we entered the market, I had a strange feeling. I tried to ask for Casey back, but instead she ran off with him. I started running after, but other hispanics kept me from following, as though I were trying to kidnap my own son from this woman. I was in the middle of searching the hotel trying to find him, but I woke up.

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