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Last few days…

Wednesday night I got to bed about the normal time. Slept about normal. Everything went about normal.


Got Casey off to school much better than Wednesday.

Spent the day with Colin, continuing to decorate our home on SL. It’s looking amazing!

In the afternoon, tried to get this thing to work that was supposed to make my land impact not actually count against me. But it wasn’t working. Colin bought the system too, and it was working fine for him. Might be a thing of “prim” versus “mesh.” Prim is, like, flat shapes. Mesh is complex things designed with 3d rendering software.

Made a pork loin for dinner. It was the BEST pork loin I’ve ever *had*!

Spent the evening on Wiz, helped friends a bit. Spent some time fishing with a friend, Autumn.

Got to bed later than I planned, but at least I didn’t have to get up early on Friday!


Slept in quite late, but didn’t feel any better for it. It seems like that’s always the case. If I sleep for a longer period of time, I don’t sleep well.

Just spent the day at home. Made sure to check my gardens on Wiz, but otherwise spent the day with Colin. We went shopping at Blueberry again. He spoils me rotten! We also found a castle for a skybox, so went to town decorating it. It looks pretty awesome, I must say!

Dinner was to be leftovers. Dave bitched and moaned about not wanting meat and having had salad 3 nights this week. I don’t even know where the 3rd night of salad came from, we only had it twice. So he ended up making himself eggs. Whatever. I wasn’t hungry until later at night, about the time I got Casey to bed.

Spent some more time with Colin on SL and then got to bed, later than I wanted, because I had to get up early in the morning. I felt bad about it, too. I’d called off my set for the night because I was going to try and get to bed early, and ended up getting to bed late. I don’t know what happened with the others, but nobody worked last night. That was strange. Anywho, got to bed after my set would have ordinarily ended.


Managed to get up on time this morning. Only had one cup of coffee before we had to head to Casey’s school to pick up a fundraising order from a few weeks ago.

I had thought about going for breakfast before heading to Walmart for a few groceries, but decided just to head straight to Walmart because I was going to have a busy day with chores around the house.

Casey was a huge help at the store. I only had to get up from the electric cart for things higher up.

Got the groceries put away. Was supposed to spend a bit of time with Colin, but his laptop wouldn’t boot up. He’d mentioned maybe using Skype on his Kindle, but that he wanted to get the laptop fixed. Dave ended up getting home just as Colin got the laptop booted.

So then I went ahead and started a system update on my phone. Dave mentioned going to vacuum his car, and I mentioned that to Colin, but told him about my phone updating. Once my phone *seemed* ready, I went ahead and called, but then thought I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. It may have just been the Roomba, though. Meanwhile, I told Colin I had to get started on my laundry, and that I heard the boys coming in and out of the house like yo-yos and it was probably not a good idea to talk anyway. Then a little while later, when Dave was going in the shower, I mentioned that to Colin. He asked about Skype, but I told him my phone was restarting again and it wouldn’t be ready in time.

Once Dave got out of the shower, we headed to the Ground Round. It’s a yummy restaurant in town that we haven’t been to in a while.

After eating, we came home and I got on Wiz. Checked my gardens, then decided to try hatching a pet again. I ended up buying a few elixirs to reset my hatching timer, trying to get just what I wanted. I kept getting crap stats though after spending a LOT of time doing training, so I gave up.

Then got Casey to bed. He wanted to have a slumber party with Dave, but Dave told him he hadn’t gotten good sleep all week and doesn’t sleep well with Casey in the bed with him, and that maybe next weekend. Casey wasn’t happy about that and got all whiney and fussy. I got him calmed down and got him to his bed.

That’s about it for now. Planning to get back on Wiz.

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