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Keeping a daily journal…

Towards the end of last year, I dug out my old 5-year journal. It had a lot of stuff from 10 years ago, but I didn’t even complete a full 365 day year in it. I had also written everything in pencil. Reviewing some of the entries, I thought most of the content was pretty silly. I proceeded to start erasing everything. I had done this once before, with the very same journal. Erase, start from scratch, and commit to writing in it daily. Then proceed to fail.

I didn’t get everything erased by the end of the year, so come January 1st I decided I’d erase 4 entries each day until I was caught up. I finally caught up today.

Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to also write in it daily. For the most part, I’m doing fine. There have been a lot of missed days, though, as well. I have to sit and go through texts and Facebook posts and then reflect on hat I might have been thinking and feeling that day, jotting down the important things.

So, one of the things I want to do, is integrate LJ more with my written journal. Like, not necessarily post to LJ daily, though that’d be nice. More so, post to LJ further details, if further details would be handy to have access to. So like, if I write in my journal “Dave was a jerk,” I could elaborate here.

Anyway, we’ll see how all this goes.

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