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Just another lazy day, mostly…

Got to bed later than I would have liked last night. But, I got to sleep next to my snuggly Mister (what I’ve been calling Casey since the day he was born!) and we both slept in until 9:30, and got to snuggle for a bit before we got up.

Managed to get laundry finished, and cooked a beef roast. It was a pre-packaged kit and it was excellent the last time we had it.

Spent most of the day just doing silly stuff on the computer. Dave got home a little after 2 today, wearing his workout gear and bearing groceries from Aldi. I guess it’s good for him that he had a short work day today. Why does it always feel like such a disappointment when he comes home? Fear of being emotionally abused again, I suppose.

My stomach started giving me trouble shortly after he got home. Not sure what’s up, if it’s just a residual effect from a few days ago when I ate too much too fast? Wouldn’t surprise me. Sometimes my system takes a bit to catch up and seek vengeance. Nevertheless, I wasn’t too inclined to have food after that.

Around the usual dinnertime, I asked Dave if he wanted Red Lobster cheese biscuits or more cornbread with the roast. He said it didn’t matter, since he ate such a late lunch (pizza around 3pm) he probably wouldn’t eat anyway. I let him know about the stomach problems, and that I probably wouldn’t eat either.

A little while later, he mentions that the beef smelled rotten. I gave it a good sniff, and it smelled fine to me. The last couple times we had pork chops he said the same thing, but they were fine. I link it to these documentaries he’s been watching, one of them called Fork over Knife. I think he’s of the mindset that a more vegan lifestyle would make him healthier. That’s complete and utter bullshit. If he goes vegan, I’m gonna say right now, I’m not changing the way I cook!! He can prepare his own damn dinners if he’s gonna be like that. I’m a carnivore and I’m gonna stay that way. He keeps trying to get me to watch these documentaries, but I’d probably throw the computer out the playroom window, and considering it’s a new $700 computer I’d rather not do that.

Anywho, I managed to watch a couple episodes of NCIS, one before getting Casey to bed and one after. Always nice to catch up on my shows. Only one episode behind on NCIS, 3 behind on NCIS New Orleans, and 1 behind on Criminal Minds. If I can glue myself to the computer tomorrow, I may be able to get caught up! Highly unlikely, though.

Well, it’s not that late, but the clocks do change, think I’m going to finish winding down and hit the hay early tonight. Early for me, anyway.

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