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Insomnia strikes again!

Sooo since I’m still not asleep, I thought I’d write a quick blurb. I used to prefer being up late at night. Then I had Casey and now I need my beauty sleep!


Over a year ago now, while Casey and I were visiting my parents in Georgia, I left my laptop on and had everything set up so that it wouldn’t overheat while we were out of town. Dave would be there anyway, so I didn’t think I had cause for concern. D’oh! Dave was home, and I wasn’t, of course there’s cause for concern! I had a cooling mat underneath and multiple fans blowing to keep the room cool. I had nothing running on my laptop, except for Splashtop, so I could go into my computer while out of town if I wanted to look at something. ‘Cuz I’m a geek. Well, Dave unplugged my cooling fan and turned off all the other fans in the room, complaining of excessive noise. I came home to the blue screen of death, struggled to get the laptop working again, and it’s been dying a slow death ever since. Dave promised he’d buy me a new computer once I couldn’t really use it anymore. It came to that point last weekend. So, I no longer have a laptop, I have a nice 23in HP Pavilion all-in-one desktop. And I love it! I thought I would hate Windows 8, but I absolutely love it.

We had to rearrange a few things in the apartment so that my computer could be in a place where I wouldn’t be all secluded when I wanted to get on it (which is all the time while it’s still so new!). So, I moved my recliner to the bedroom, moved Dave’s recliner where mine used to be, and have my computer desk set up in a corner. Sure beats having to drag the whole all-in-one back and forth between the bedroom and the dining area just so I could use it at night once Dave went to bed.

So, now that I have my new setup, I do plan to post here a little more. I always say that, though, right? Really, though… I need to… at least try anyway!

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