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I started a new job today, and it’s going pretty well so far. Unlike most places, they put me straight to work my first day. I actually liked that, because I feel it’s better for me to making money doing actual work (even as on-the-job training) than sitting for hours in orientation.

I am wanting to expand my Passion Parties and Avon businesses. I’ve been very passively advertising so far, and know I need to advertise more aggressively if I really want to get anywhere with those businesses. Am I bringing either of those up in any given conversation on any given day? Nope. If I truly want to be successful, I should mention either or both of those ventures at least once a day, at the very least.

Mine and Dave’s financial situation seems to have a more positive outlook. He’s not enjoying his job and can’t wait to find a better one once he graduates, but is indecisive about where he actually wants to work next. I am concerned that he just won’t like the next job any better, and will regret moving us to wherever. It seems, to me, he always finds something negative about his job and focuses only on that, and not on the positive.

Speaking of Dave, he has admitted that he probably has post traumatic stress disorder after going overseas three times, but refuses to go to the doctor about it because he never wants to have to be on medication. Hopefully I can help him out with it, being the aspiring psychologist I am.

I do really want to go back to school and get my Ph.D. in Psychology, but that is more on the back burner. I do feel that whatever I’m doing in my life now is a step towards that goal, even if minimally. If I’m not earning money and reducing our debt, then I can’t expect to pay for college any time soon.

Guess that’s it for now… at least I’m keeping you guys updated. 🙂

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