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Hectic Hump Day

Got my shower ok last night. Got Casey to bed fine. Didn’t sleep that great, didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. All that’s pretty much same ole same ole.

Managed to get on Wiz and check the gardens while I sipped on my first coffee of the day.

And then the fun began.

Casey always gives me a bit of trouble, not too bad though, getting out of bed in the mornings. We have always let him stay up until 9 at night, and with him in school now this doesn’t seem to be working very well for us. This morning was especially difficult.

He got out of bed, got dressed, and had about 8 minutes to have breakfast. I gave him his usual options: yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal. He said something about daddy always just giving him one option. So I did. Three times. He didn’t want any of it. Time was running out, so I looked on the computer to see if I could find the school’s breakfast menu, if he’d want to do that. I couldn’t find it, and in the meantime he was still refusing the options.

So then I told him, we’re out of time, we have to get our snow stuff on and go. He was upset about that because he wanted breakfast. I told him there was no more time for breakfast, we had to go.

Somehow we made it down to the entry by the front door. But he wouldn’t get his snow stuff on. He kept arguing about wanting breakfast. I kept telling him there wasn’t time. He was bawling his eyes out. I got to yelling. He got to hitting me. I got to taking things away. I even threatened to call the school and tell them he wasn’t coming because he wouldn’t stop screaming. Nothing got him to stop. We kept apologizing to each other, then I’d tell him to get his stuff on, and it would start all over. At one point, I stomped the foot of my bad leg a couple times. Eventually I started bawling my eyes out, too. I was just so angry and upset and had made my knee hurt bad too! He didn’t like that I was crying, and somehow, after another 5 minutes, he got his stuff on and I got him to school. He was 5 minutes late, but by then I needed the break from him and was just relieved we made it there.

I headed to Walmart to get some things. I decided to push the cart instead of using the electric cart. My knee was in a bad state, but if I used the electric cart I’d just have to transfer the grocery bags to a push cart anyway. I know some people take the electric carts outside, but they really don’t want you to. It’s not good for the wheels. So, I never take them outside. So yeah, got the groceries and got home.

After I got everything put away, Colin and I got on SL. I was just going to change and park up somewhere while I got on Wiz, because I really felt like kicking some ass after the morning I’d had. But, Wiz was down, so we ended up looking at a couple shops for mesh sand for our front yard. We found a nice pack that came with a variety of pieces and pieced together something amazing. I bought a cheap set of tropical plants and placed a variety out to fill in some space and make it look more lush. We’d also wanted to create a sort of blend between a log cabin in one corner and the beach in the front. So I used a mixture of trees and plants to do that. Put a couple more bits of furniture out.

A friend of mine, Shovvan, was online after we were all set up, so I invited her over. Now, Shovvan’s profile had briefly said that she was really a he, but that got deleted and I’d never mentioned seeing it. So Colin and I try to treat him as a her in SL, while knowing that IRL she’s really a he. It gets confusing. Anyway, Shovvan brought over her new “girlfriend,” and we hung out by the pool for a while. Then Shovvan had to go, so of course her girlfriend went as well. Colin and I wandered around the property, just enjoying our home.

While we were still getting things set up with the beach, Casey got home. He had lunch ok. He said he didn’t have the best day at school because someone threw a red block at him. Poor guy. A bad morning all around. He had lunch fine and then played on my Nintendo 3ds. He likes playing Mario Kart and some Pokemon game.

Dave got home about 5. Colin and I had still been on SL and Skype together at the time, so we rushed to say goodbye. Dave “knows” about Colin, in that he’s heard me talking to “someone” at night at times over a year ago. But I’ve always denied having an “internet boyfriend” (as Dave calls it). So, I’ve been working towards no longer denying it while not necessarily just bringing it up. We (Colin and I) are hoping that we’d be able to occasionally talk for a bit here and there, without the constant worry of being interrupted.

I’d gotten some fresh take & bake pizzas at Walmart for dinner, so I got the oven going for those. A supreme was more for me and Dave, while a pepperoni was more for Casey. Casey wouldn’t eat the supreme, but we’d eat the pepperoni. Well, Casey wouldn’t eat his pizza because supposedly there was something else on it. It was just pepperoni, but it maybe got too browned for him? Idk. So he had part of a yogurt. He was exhausted anyway, so we just let him be.

Then Casey laid down on my bed for a while, just resting and sucking his thumb, and I got on Wiz to finally kick some butt.

Now Casey’s sitting on the toilet and I’m waiting for him to finish so I can get him to bed and do some more on Wiz.

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