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Got my laptop!

Sorry for the radio silence, but it took some serious effort to get back up and running again on the new laptop!

I was kind of falling asleep near the end of my last post! It’s late, so I am actually hoping the same can be said at the end of this one!

Yesterday I spent the whole day getting things finalized to get the new laptop. It came in the early-to-mid afternoon, and I booted it up and started working on setting things up right away. I spent the rest of the afternoon installing one thing after another. Unfortunately, I failed to restart it enough, and started having errors and problems using it. So, I tried to go back to a restore point, which was, oddly, from around 11am that morning. That’s when it was in transit from FedEx to me, and the seal wasn’t broken, so I’m not sure why there’s a date and time discrepancy. Anywho, the restore failed, and I ended up having to go back to factory settings. I accomplished that late last night, got a couple things installed, but had to call it a night. I spent a good portion of today working on the installs, restarting periodically to avoid another issue. Everything has gone well!! Around 6pm I was able to get back on Firestorm, meaning everything was finished. I’ve spent the last 5+ hours catching up on free book and paid emails, other various emails, and doing stuff on SL. The last hour, about, I was watching another episode of Criminal Minds.

I’m pretty stoked, this laptop is awesome now that it’s running properly!! I have some more RAM on the way, since I wasn’t able to order it with the 16 I wanted. Honestly, 8 is probably plenty, but I’m used to running off 16 and couldn’t resist the upgrade.

Dave has been, so-so since the MRI. Not too bad but not too great either.

Oh! Speaking of MRI! This morning I got a phone call from the doctor’s office. The MRI I had on Wednesday did prove my suspicion about arthritis. It also detected a lesion on the muscle on the inner side of the knee area. They need to do another MRI, with contrast (dye) this time. I have it scheduled for late on the 19th. I sent this information to Dave in a txt, letting him know that until we know more I need to avoid strenuous activity. Hopefully this finally will sink in to him that I’m not avoiding heavy chores because I don’t feel like doing them. I have a tear in a muscle by my knee for fuck’s sake!

However, despite the news from the doctor, it didn’t stop me from taking Casey to Walmart this afternoon for grocery shopping.

First we stopped at their Tire & Lube Express to get air in my tires. The rear driver’s side was low, and may have a slow leak. We’ll have to keep an eye on it. They asked me if I had shopping to do, and I asked how long they thought it’d take, because if it wouldn’t be long I’d just sit and wait, otherwise I’d have to have someone bring me an electric cart. She then noticed the brace beneath my jeans and was very kind to ask the mechanic to park my car right by the entrance so I wouldn’t have to walk far to get back to it. It was only about a 10 minute wait.

Next we drove around to the main entrance. I scored a spot right by the handicapped spots, so I didn’t have to walk too far. I got an electric cart, and we started heading toward the pharmacy section, but the cart kept malfunctioning. I somehow managed to get it parked by the other store entrance, and asked if anyone could get another one for me, explaining the problem. An associate was kind enough to fetch me a different one. We made our way around the store, grabbing this and that, finding some goodies in the party favor area and stationary, then got our groceries. Spent more than I feel we should have for what we got, but whatever. It’ll last us a few decent meals anyway. Seriously though, over $200 for like 5 days of food. That’s ridiculous!

Casey was SUCH a good helper, he got to pick out a new toy from a stash I keep in my closet, in addition to the goodies he got from the store today. We actually had a somewhat rough start to the day, but he really redeemed himself at the store lol. Speaking of the little guy, he’s currently snoozing behind me in my bed. We had a “slumber party” last night, and he wanted another one tonight. I agreed to it (I can’t lie, I love having a snuggle buddy!) on the condition that he sleeps in his own bed tomorrow night. I do enjoy having him sleep in my bed, but he needs to sleep in his big boy bed most nights. He does pretty well usually, but when he knows he doesn’t have school the next day he always asks to sleep with one of us. Dave’s already said he can’t sleep by him tomorrow night, because Dave wants to sleep in. Understandable, it’s his only chance to.

Ok, well, I’m out of things to catch y’all up on, so that’s it for now. I’m going to spend a bit of time catching up on my friends feed before cashing out for the night.

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