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Friday, Saturday, & Sunday

Friday… the usual. Got up, got my latte, got on SL to park, all the while getting Casey up, dressed, & fed. Dropped him off at school, then came back home and got on Conan, where I spent the rest of the day, on and off. Got my usual chores done, but otherwise it was just Conan.

Saturday, not quite the usual. Got up, got my latte, and got on SL to park. Then I got on Conan, and yes I was on there on and off the rest of the day. But, I took several breaks to spend time cleaning my bathroom, as thoroughly as possible. It was long overdue, but my knee had been bugging me. I shouldn’t have done all that cleaning, because of my knee, but the mess was bugging me more.

Sunday I woke up to discover it’d snowed several inches overnight. Got some coffee, got on SL to park, and then got on Conan. I spent the day on Conan doing “chores” that needed to be done. Mining for this, gathering that, hunting for the other. It was tedious, but needed doing. I wanted to be able to spend time this week not worrying about all that, being able to actually enjoy playing the game. Sure the mining, gathering, and hunting would need to be done to some degree, but not to the extent we’d been doing it. While I was working on that, Dave and Casey shoveled the driveway and played in the snow.

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