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Friday & Saturday

Got to sleep in Friday morning, since Casey didn’t have school. Got up, got my latte, and got parked on SL. Took care of my free book & paid emails, then got on Minecraft. Casey soon joined me. We played on there on and off throughout the rest of the day. Autumn and I were finally able to make the trek home, and got there just in time for her internet to go out. So, then she headed out to get something to eat.

Casey built a portal to the Nether, so we went there together to explore. It was devoid of anything useful, besides soul sand. Even the fortress lacked any chests or spawners. WTF is up with this seed (world)? We ended up getting lost on the way back. I’d forgotten to note the coordinates of the portal on the Nether side, and we couldn’t find it. Eventually I just started building new portals, to get closer and closer to where the one should be, and we finally found it. I teleported Casey to me, and we headed back through to home.

Spent some time working on my web site, tweaking things further to my satisfaction. I hadn’t updated it in a long time, so it was enjoyable.

Dave got home and was bitching about a blind that broke, talking like it was my fault. No, nitwit, they’re old blinds and need to be replaced. Continued working on my web site and scrolling Facebook throughout the early evening, until it was time to get Casey to bed.

He started pitching a fit because I wouldn’t let him climb into bed via his Thomas the Train couch. I told him it could slip and he could hurt himself and I wanted him to be safe. He pitched quite a fit, which took a while to get him to snap out of. Finally he settled and I read to him and tucked him in.

Tried getting on Minecraft with Autumnn, but she’d continued having internet problems all day and couldn’t stay connected. I was disappointed, because I’d wanted to fight the mobs in the Mario world. We’d attempted to, but she kept getting disconnected. I spent the down time just fooling around on Facebook, until eventually it was time for bed, which was around midnight.

Slept in again on Saturday. Dave was at work when I got up. Casey snuggled by me for a while before I got out of bed. Got up, got my latte, and got parked on SL. Then got on Conan to refresh the bases quick. Then I took care of my free book & paid emails. After that I got on Aura Kingdom to relist items on the Auction House. Finally I was able to get on Minecraft with Autumn. Casey would not be allowed to play, though, because of his behavior the night before.

First, I went into one of Autumn’s worlds to check out a cute house she’d built. I really like her designs! While I was there, I started multitasking, hiding little rainbow unicorns in a few places on my site. It was something she’d suggested to draw in visitors, lol.

After that, we got on the Mario world. We were getting ready to go fight some mobs, but she got disconnected. She commented that at least we weren’t doing anything important, and I remarked that I’d wanted to fight some mobs. I’d thought she was AFK and I’d been waiting on her to go out, since I’m a scaredy-cat and don’t like to go fight the mobs alone. That was when she’d gotten disconnected. She then indicated she might be tired, so I logged out of Minecraft.

I fiddled around with my site and on Facebook for a while, and then started going through old emails. I’d had over 100, probably nearing 200, unread emails. I also had a ton of emails, hundreds, that weren’t labeled or filtered. So I went through all of them, adding new filters to automatically apply labels for me, and archiving anything older than January that had a label.

During that time, I got a text from Daniel. He wanted to hook up. I commented that I had said nothing had to change. He said I didn’t have to, and I said I know, but I still want to. He said he’d be home around 8:30 or so. So, I finished up going through my emails, and then got in the shower.

I know I’m probably crazy for agreeing to hook up with him, but I have my reasons. For starters, I did say nothing had to change. I need to know if my heart can handle standing by that sentiment. Also, if he still wants to be intimate with me after me professing my undying love to him, then that means there’s hope that, once things are sorted in his life, we may be able to be together. I don’t want to let go of him, not now, not ever. I want to be with him. And I’m willing, even if it makes me crazy, to be intimate with him now in the hopes we could be romantically attached in the future.

Once I was ready to leave, I let him know. He’d already said he’d let me know when he was getting close to home. Then I got Casey ready for bed and tucked in. Dave was getting pissy about Casey bugging him anyway, so it was just as well.

When I got back to my room after tucking him in, I had another text that he was stuck at his parents’ house. It’d snowed earlier in the day, and they live in the country. It was also bitterly cold, so the snow was probably freezing some, making the roads impossible to travel on.

I decided to watch a couple of my TV shows, since I was behind on them again. I watched NCIS and then NCIS: New Orleans. Just one episode of each. And then I got on Minecraft with Autumn. We finally spent some time fighting mobs, until I was ready for bed.

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