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Friday & Saturday

Slept ok Thursday night. Got up on time and got Casey up and off to school. Had my coffee while I did my usual stuff. Parked on SL, gardened on Wiz, rolled dice on DDO, then played Aura Kingdom on and off.

Around noon I headed to the doctor’s office. I had to have the colposcopy done. That was fun… not! It hurt like hell.

After the procedure I went back home and managed to take care of the dishes but otherwise just played Aura Kingdom.

When Casey got home from school, he was highly upset. He said everyone was being mean to him, but wouldn’t say who or what or when. I emailed the teacher to see if she had witnessed anything going on. Another boy had told Casey to hurry up in line, and then put his hand on Casey’s back. Casey was upset by that and kept asking the rest of the day if it was time to go home, and when the teacher would say no, he’d get upset and cry. He ended up laying in Dave’s recliner watching stuff on the Roku, and fell asleep.

When he woke up, he said he didn’t feel well. He’d had diarrhea in his underpants, so we had him sit on the toilet. He wasn’t able to go, and ended up not eating anything either. He went to bed early.

I didn’t stay up very late myself. Slept ok, but my mattresses really need to be flipped and rotated. I had some laundry to finish up, and was going to take care of that Sunday.

When I woke up, Casey was awake but in his bed. It was about 7. It was smelly in his room, he’d had diarrhea and pooped in his underpants. So I had him sit on the toilet, and then got him into the bath.

When I went to the kitchen to make my coffee, I saw a near-empty cup of milk on the kitchen table, so Casey had been up before 7.

Got my coffee and got my usual stuff done. Got on SL to park, got on Wiz to do my gardens, got on DDO to do the dice roll, then got on Aura Kingdom. I took care of a few morning things.

Got Casey’s clean bedding out of the dryer, got our clothes into the dryer, and stripped my bedding and got all that in the washer.

After Casey got out of the bath, he got some warm clothes on and was watching movies downstairs. I was playing Aura Kingdom, but heard him start to cry. When I went to see what was going on, he had his hand by his throat and was on his way up the stairs. I kept asking him, was it a sore throat? What’s going on? He walked into his room, turned around, and got sick in the hall. We got him into the bathroom in case it wasn’t the last of it, and I got the floor cleaned up while Dave tended to Casey. He knelt by the toilet for a while, but nothing else came up.

Once he was calmed back down, he laid in Dave’s bed with his laptop watching Netflix for a while. I went back to Aura Kingdom.

A couple hours passed, Casey wasn’t interested in trying to eat toast or crackers and would only drink ginger ale, a little bit at a time. He’d ended up falling asleep on Dave’s bed with his show still going.

I’d gotten our clothes folded and put away, and my bedding in and out of the dryer, and was starting to make my bed up again, when Casey came in my room, holding his throat, and started to kneel on my bedding. Dave (and his drunk self) was jumping on the futon at this point, and I hollared “No not there!” and Casey started towards the bathroom but got sick in the hall and again on the bathroom mats. At first I kept making my bed, because Dave was tending to Casey, but then I also got to work cleaning up the floor again.

This happened, I’ll mention, right after Jimmy John’s was delivered. I definitely didn’t have an appetite for dinner at that point.

Casey knelt by the toilet for a while again, and eventually went back and laid back down. He went to sleep in Dave’s bed for a while longer.

I went back to making my bed back up, and Dave went downstairs to watch TV. Once my bed was made, I got back on Aura Kingdom.

When Casey got back up, he seemed to be feeling a little better. He went downstairs and laid in my recliner while Dave was passed out in his.

Around 10 I went down and carried Casey up the stairs. Dave woke up and said he’d had a dream about losing a basketball game, and was emotionally distraught after it. I guess it was a lucid dream, lol.

Got Casey tucked into his bed, and went back to Aura Kingdom. Dave went to his bed.

I was only up a short while, but during that time I managed to eat my half of the sandwich from earlier as well as a generous portion of birthday cake. I was falling asleep while eating the cake, so I went straight to bed when I was done.

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