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Friday & Saturday

Friday, got up, got my latte, and got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then came back home and got on Conan with Colin. Played on there with him on and off throughout the day. Mostly sticking more towards exploring, I think both of us are beyond tired of the grinding/farming.

Took a break to go to the store and get some groceries.

By the time I got back home, Colin was unable to get back into the server without serious lag issues, so we just chatted.

Got Casey from school, got him to sit on the toilet, and I got back on Conan.

For dinner I ended up just making frozen pizza. Dave’s been buying them himself on occasion lately, but of course he bitched that I got frozen pizza instead of fresh pizza. Whatever.

After dinner, more of the same.

Got Casey to bed, and then rounded out my night with… more Conan.

Saturday, got up and got my coffee, got parked on SL, then got on Conan. Played on there on and off throughout the day, mostly just gathering much needed resources and continuing the building project. I was getting pretty tired of it, but was nearly done.

Dave went to get his haircut in the mid-afternoon while I was in the bath. He asked Casey if he wanted to go with him, but Casey said he didn’t want to. Dave had told me a couple times recently that Casey wanted to get his hair cut. The last Casey had said to me, he was still wanting to grow it out “like mommy’s.” So, Casey stayed home with me, and I finished up my bath.

After my bath, I got on Conan again. Played on there for a while, and then headed to the kitchen to start dinner. It was just a simple meal, a salad with some blackened salmon. Still yummy. The salmon turned out perfect, I could have eaten the whole filet. So, yeah, what does Dave do for dinner? He makes himself some of Casey’s chicken nuggets. If he’s going to keep doing this thing of not eating what I cook, which he’s been doing a lot lately, I’m just going to stop cooking.

After dinner, back to Conan. More grinding/farming.

Got Casey to bed, then got back to the game. Stayed up until about 2am. I ended up going off with some other people on there to do stuff that didn’t involve grinding or farming, that was nice.

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