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Friday, October 30, 2020

I didn’t want Cassie to get upset when I was out to drop Casey off, so I brought her with. She did really well in the car.

Once we were back home, I set about cleaning a few things up and then got on Black Desert.

After a while, I sat in my recliner and encouraged her to join me. She did! I got lots of kisses and snuggles before she curled up on my lap and took a nap. When I got hungry, she was getting up anyway. I got some lunch then took her outside.

I took her with to pick Casey up. She was having trouble being patient while we waited for him, but she made it through. She seemed happy to see him.

We ended up taking her to Tractor Supply to see if she’d be interested in picking out any toys. She was more interested in exploring the place, and she pulls quite hard on the leash sometimes so it was a challenge to keep her in the dog toy aisle. I ended up picking out a couple things she’d at least acknowledged, and then Casey said he wanted to get her a bed as well. So he picked out a bed and we headed home. Come to find out, Casey wanted the bed for his room so she could have a comfy spot to lay in his room with him since his bed is a loft bed now.

We spent the rest of the evening alternating between loving on Cassie and doing our own geek things. Casey played on Super Mario Maker 2 and I played on Black Desert.

I also finally cleaned Lucille’s fish tank but will need to clean it again after a couple days because the vacuum didn’t get all the ickies out. I don’t want to stress her out any more than I need to in one sitting.

About an hour before Casey’s bedtime, I realized we still hadn’t carved the pumpkin we’d gotten about a week before. So we started work on that. Then, I got a text from Dave that has me concerned.

Jennifer, his girlfriend, just found out she has Covid. Dave was at my apartment last Sunday, right after she’d left his house, and spent a few hours helping me assemble Casey’s new bed. She would have already had the virus in her system. Then, Casey spent Monday and Wednesday nights with him while I was at work. So we’ve both been exposed to someone who has been exposed, Casey more recently than me. Dave has test results pending, but would it even be accurate? My cousin had it in September but got negative results the first few days she was sick. It wasn’t until she lost her sense of taste & smell that she got a positive test result. So if Dave’s not actually sick, will the test be a false negative?

I contacted the school and they want Casey home until we know the results. And I plan to discuss it with my boss as well. It’s a complicated situation and ultimately I want to do what’s best for all involved.

We got back to pumpkin carving, then got Casey ready for bed and tucked in quick. I went back to Black Desert while Cassie slept on the recliner behind me. I headed to bed fairly early, and Cassie hopped up before I laid down. Once I laid down, she snuggled up next to me and went to sleep, it was so sweet.

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