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Friday, November 13, 2020

I spent the day processing and cooking on Black Desert, until later at night when Shawn and I went to do trees for an hour.

After I picked Casey up from school, we headed to the local CBD store so I could pick up some treats for Cassie. It was recommended by multiple people as an option to deal with her anxiety, which will hopefully stop the barking when I’m away. The foster company also wants to try an actual anxiety medication for her and said something about calling in a favor at the vet. I’m not opposed to doing something that helps her, but I can only afford to do so much. I’ve set November 27th as “Decision Day.” If the anxiety and barking aren’t under control by then, she’ll have to go back. I really don’t want to give her back, but at the end of the day, I have to do what’s best for all involved.

I started talking to a guy named Ryan on Tinder and may make plans to meet him soon. But I’m also talking to Jay, Lee, and Alex. And then there’s James as a “between relationships, once or twice” option. I explained to him that I’d have to cut him off after that because I tend to develop feelings too easily.

I’m hanging out with Tommy on Saturday night, I’ve only met him once and don’t see myself getting involved with him romantically, but he asked about hanging out again so I agreed to it. He doesn’t get off work until 10pm though, so we’ll see how awake I even am at that time.

The conversations got to where I was potentially meeting Jay earlier on Saturday and then hanging out with Tommy later at night. But I don’t feel bad about possibly lining up 2 guys for one day, because like I said, Tommy isn’t really a romantic interest at this point.

I was looking at stuff on AdultFriendFinder when I noticed Brad get on. I’d turned my profile off, so I turned it back on, and as soon as I did he unfriended me. It stung. I was thankful I was on voice with Shawn and Jeff, and Jeff’s friend “Mad,” because it offered a distraction.

By the time Shawn and I were done at Trees, I was ready for bed.

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