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Friday, January 29, 2021

I dropped Casey off at the usual time, then headed home for a bit before taking Greg to work. His alarm had been going off, and Casey and I were both talking about how soothing his alarm tone was. It’s no wonder he sometimes doesn’t notice it. After dropping him off, I stopped at Walmart to look for a different case for my phone, because the one I’d gotten off Amazon was too thick and would be way too noticeable in my back pocket at work. We’re not supposed to have our phones on us, and I’m not even supposed to have a smartwatch. I haven’t been reprimanded about it yet, though, so I keep doing it. As long as I’m doing my job, I don’t see why it matters. I don’t usually check my phone a whole lot while I’m working, pretty much only during my break and in the bathroom.

I got a text that my glasses were finally ready to be picked up. When I’d picked them out I didn’t try them on because I don’t have contacts and am blind as a bat without some sort of corrective lenses. I’d simply compared the size and shape to what I have and determined that they were close enough. It turned out they were actually quite a bit bigger on my face than what I’m used to. I left with them anyway, agreeing to give them a try before swapping them out for different frames.

I picked Casey up from school, then we headed back to the apartment for a bit before going and picking Greg up from work and taking him home.

Casey got picked up around 4:30. He was supposed to have stayed with me another night, but apparently, 4 nights at one parents’ house is too much for him. What is he going to do when Dave lives a ways away?

Speaking of, Dave found out that the Quad Cities is an option for him. He’s just waiting on the official orders, but he put that as his choice so it’s likely he’ll be moving there in May or June.

I headed to pick Greg up shortly after Casey got picked up. We went to Walmart for a few things he wanted to get for his sons, then stopped and picked up our Chinese takeout. They jacked up the prices on the takeout and it turned out to be about twice what I expected. After picking up the food, we stopped by Kwik Trip so he could get them something to eat, then his house so he could drop everything off, then headed back to the apartment for the night.

We finished watching Step Brothers, and otherwise just hung out and enjoyed each others’ company until we were ready for bed.

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