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I ended up starting on 13 Reasons Why Season 2 last night. I thoroughly enjoyed the first season. Season 2 looks like it’ll be just as good.

Got to bed at a fairly reasonable time, I think it was around 11. Set my alarm for not too early, about 9. The tension and stiffness in my neck no longer has me waking feeling refreshed and then miserable. Instead, I wake feeling miserable. It always gets worse before it gets better, and to start today it was particularly bad. So, here’s for tomorrow being better!

Got up and had some coffee, but cut myself off after the 2nd cup. Really it was the first cup, because the first thing I always drink in the morning is a latte, and the powdered stuff has less caffeine than what you’d get at a coffee shop, so less than a cup of coffee. Either way, I could tell that a 3rd cup of anything caffeinated would just cause a panic attack, so I cut myself off before that would happen.

Got dressed in SL and contemplated getting on Wiz for one thing or another, but passed. Took care of my free book and paid emails, then thought about getting on Sims 4 but decided against that as well.

I had Casey help me with the dishes, and also did some stuff with laundry. He started the Roomba when we were done with the dishes, so the floors would be mostly clean as well. Unfortunately, without the invisible walls, the Roomba isn’t thorough in one room at a time, she just keeps going and going and going all over the house and doesn’t get any room covered 100%. Oh well.

Heard from Colin around 11, and got on Skype with him by 11:30. I was off Sims 4 by then, wasn’t really feeling it today.

He was going on and on about different things in Sims 4, and I was just scrolling through Facebook and trying to participate in the conversation. At one point, while I was also enjoying a salad for lunch, I started *trying* to go on and on about some things that have been going on here recently, things I’ve posted about that he hasn’t seen. He started to interrupt me with something related to his game, and I tried to keep talking, but he wouldn’t stay quiet, making noises like the start of a word that kept getting cut off. So, I just stopped, loudly blurted “WHAT?” and listened to him. I was dumbfounded. He interrupted me when I was talking to tell me something about the game? Seriously? I told him I was irritated that I was in the middle of talking and he interrupted me to tell me something about the game. He was all like “it wasn’t intentional.” Really? He wouldn’t stay quiet! I kept trying to talk and he kept trying to talk over me. Right, it wasn’t intentional. Ok. So then I was dead silent for a while. He eventually asked if I was going to continue. I just said “No, I’m good.” And let the silence continue.

I had to leave about 1 to go to a physical therapy consultation. I wasn’t looking forward to it, after what happened with PT the last time I went. That time, it was a mutual agreement that I was in too much pain to continue. This time, I expected about the same to happen.

It went the way I remembered it the last time, for the consultation part of it. Lots of examining and measuring. Testing my range of motion, that sort of thing. When she’d touch my knee at all I’d flinch. When she tested how far I could bend my knee I started crying it hurt so bad.

She says my nerves are working in overdrive trying to protect my knee, making even the slightest touch send a message to my brain that it hurts. So, she wants me to start by spending time touching my knee, re-teaching it that it’s ok to be touched. She also wants me to work on flexing my quadriceps. She tried to have me flex my hamstring, to work an exercise with that into my routine as well, but I started crying again, even harder, so she said we’ll hold off on that for now. And she also wants me to sit with my legs dangling and try to get my right knee to relax and bend more. I have nowhere I can sit where my legs will dangle, but I’ll work something out. I need to at least give this a fair shot. I don’t doubt the possibility that my nerves are hypersensitive right now, making things hurt that probably don’t really hurt. But, I’m pretty sure that’s not the case for most of my pain.

After the appointment I got back on Skype with Colin and took Casey to Walmart. I had asked Dave to get Casey Cheetos when they went to the store the other day, and they came back without them. I also wanted to get a dual usb charger and a few other things that we were kind of low on. We ended up seeing Courtney there with Mick and Chip. Courtney looked stressed, I can’t imagine going through what she is, with her husband gone for a year while she takes care of two 7 year olds.

When we got home, Colin was ready for bed so I let him go, and then I got the groceries put away. I saw that the charger I picked up had a Type A and a Type C USB output. I’m not sure which is which, but I do know that it’s not going to work for what I need. That’s rather irritating, because now I will have to make another trip to Walmart to exchange it.

I sat down with a plate of chips and salsa to snack on, and did some more work with the sky letters above our shop on SL. They weren’t showing up on the map, so I was trying something different. When I was done eating the snack, I went out and decided to just make my dinner as well. I found a Mexican casserole in the freezer, so put that in the microwave. Did some more Facebook scrolling while I ate.

After eating, I was pretty worn out, so I curled up in bed to try and nap, with my ice wrap around my knee and a pillow under it. Just as I was feeling like I could actually sleep, I hear the garage door opening and Casey shouting that daddy was home. Great.

I ended up inviting Casey to lay by me with the Nintendo, and I managed to doze off a bit.

A little after 6, I had to go to the restroom so I got back up. While I was sitting and resting, Dave asks me if I have a certain kind of laptop charger. He then says he may have to buy that laptop, because it fell out of his bag when he got home and landed on the basement floor, causing one corner to be smashed, and he couldn’t get it to turn back on. Great, just what we need. I looked up the HP ProBook, that’s what it is. I’m not sure which type it is, but it’s not cheap. I sure as hell hope he doesn’t have to pay for it, we really don’t need that right now! I couldn’t find a charger for it, so he said after he ate he’d go back to his work and get the charger. Hopefully that’s all it is, is a dead battery. But, I doubt it. It’s probably something that got jarred loose inside it from the drop.

So, Dave finished eating and left, and I started typing this up. Casey’s still playing the Nintendo. I’m still feeling pretty tired. I miss my Friday night DJ sets on SL, but I just can’t do it yet. My friends, the owners of the club, haven’t been working their sets either due to something going on in RL, so I know they understand. Things happen that are out of our control, and RL comes first.

I think I’ll probably end up just watching more 13 Reasons Why tonight and hopefully get an early night.

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