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Got up, got my latte and got parked on SL while getting Casey up. As he was getting dressed, he said that when he coughed he felt like he was going to be sick. It’s just all the mucous in his belly, I’m sure, as it’s happened before and he’s been especially snotty lately. I explained that to him, and offered him some tummy medicine while trying to decide whether or not to keep him home.

I’d already gotten his breakfast out and was working on his lunch when he came out to the kitchen, fully dressed. He turned on the TV and sat down to eat. I inquired about why he was going to eat if his tummy was upset, and he said it was feeling better already. I noted that food would help soak up the mucous and settle his tummy anyway. I asked him again how he was feeling, and he said even better. So, I decided to go ahead and let him go to school, trusting my judgment that it was just the mucous in his belly making him feel that way.

After dropping him off at school, I headed straight to Onalaska for my Synvisc-One injection. I got there about half an hour early, but they called me back right away. The doctor asked how the previous injection had worked and how long it had lasted. I told him how amazing it had worked but that it had only lasted a few months. He suggested that, if it wears off too soon again this time, I might consider trying a different injection called Monovisc. I looked it up and they’re pretty much the same thing, except the Synvisc is made with something or another to do with chickens, and the Monovisc is plant-based.

After leaving the doctor’s office, I went to Target to see what kind of sheets they had for Casey’s bed as an Easter gift. His school had a career day coming up as well and I wanted to be sure he had something to wear. He’d only just decided last night that he wants to be a police officer when he grows up, after having the chat with him about Internet (and real life) safety. I stopped by the toy section first, to see if they had a police officer dress-up uniform. They did, but it was $20. I grabbed it anyway. I also grabbed him a small plush Creeper, to go with his baby Mooshroom. Then I headed over to where the sheets are. Sadly, they did not have the Mario ones in the size I needed. I headed over to where all the trading cards are, just to look, and then it occurred to me that career day might have been today, because next week was Dr. Seuss week. So, I called the school, and the lady confirmed that career day was indeed today. I went and paid for the things and headed back to Tomah to Casey’s school to drop off his new uniform.

They let me take the uniform to his classroom, which was nice of them. I didn’t even have to ask, they asked if I wanted to and I did. I figured he’d need some help with it anyway. I peeked my head in the window of the door and Ms. Conner saw me and came to the door. That was good, I didn’t want to knock and disrupt everybody. She called Casey out to the hallway and I quickly helped him get the uniform on, just in time for him to go to recess.

Headed back home and got on the computer. I took care of my free book and paid emails, then got on DDO followed by Aura Kingdom to check the auction house stuff, what had sold and what needed to be listed again. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do after that, though.

I took care of chores throughout the day, mainly laundry. I had to get my quilt and one of Casey’s blankets out of the dryer, get our sheets into the dryer, and then wash and dry mine and Casey’s clothing. It was much more “up and down” the stairs than I felt up for: my knee was achy after the injection and felt swollen. Nevertheless, I got it done.

Went and picked Casey up from school. I was hoping to see Daniel, but there was no sign of him, and Michael didn’t come out with Casey. I was walking back to the car with Casey and saw Daniel hurrying up to the building. He asked if Michael was standing outside and I said no. He’d got put on the bus again. Casey and I got into the car, but I sat there a while waiting to see him going back to his car, secretly hoping he’d stop by mine and invite us over lol. Just as I was throwing in the towel and ready to go, I saw him and Michael walking toward a little red car. He waved and I smiled, and then I headed home.

Once I got settled back in, I sent him a quick text saying that they really needed to do a better job of making sure Michael, and the other kids if it applied, got to the right place each day. Whether it’s the bus or parent pick-up. Daniel texted back that it was a parental failure — that Leanne hadn’t called the school to let them know Daniel would be picking him up today. I sent a reply of “Oh geez” and then another text asking if they had any plans for the weekend. Supposedly we’re getting another few inches of snow, but the last time they said that we didn’t. I really want to spend some time with Daniel again. Naturally, I didn’t get a reply.

By the time that little exchange was done, Casey was on the toilet, as part of his usual after-school routine. I wasn’t sure what I felt like doing. I kinda didn’t know that I felt like doing anything at all. I wanted to lay down, but it was far too early for that.

I ended up going to the kitchen to empty the dishwasher, which I’d started up shortly after getting home from the trip to Onalaska. It was only 4, but I was hungry, so I also went ahead and put a frozen meal in the microwave. Casey said he was hungry as well, so I preheated the oven for the chicken nuggets he requested. Then Dave got home.

At first it was fine, he didn’t seem to be in a bad mood or anything. He was excited about Casey’s uniform. But then, it all changed.

I got bitched at for not “getting rid of” my $75 4-inch mattress topper. That I hadn’t taken downstairs yet for two reasons. 1) my injection, I’m supposed to take it easy this weekend per doctor’s orders. 2) Dave bitched at me about the last place I’d put it in the basement when I’d put the futon into “couch mode” so I was deliberately waiting to ask him where he wanted it. I’d started limping again by this point, which he’d have to be blind not to notice. I tried to ignore him and just go back to my room, he starts trying to haul it into my room!! Bitching more about it blocking walkways and such. As if there’s only one way into the dining area!!! So I had no choice, either it’d be back in my room again, or I haul it downstairs. So, I hauled it downstairs. On my way back up I said, “There, now it’s not blocking the only pathway to the dining room.” I should have kept my mouth shut, he just resumed his bitching. Even Casey started getting defensive about how he was treating me, because Dave was sitting at the kitchen table with him.

A short while later, then, Dave passes by my room and says “There’s nothing wrong with liking stuff cleaned up, Amber.” The audacity!

I’ve never mentioned this before. When Casey was a few months old, I had to have carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists a couple weeks apart. After the surgery, I had no choice but to take care of Casey by myself when Dave was at work. That’s one thing. But in the evenings when Dave was home? I still had to do it then, too.

I got back on Aura Kingdom and did this Gaia Chronicle thing, but then didn’t feel like staying on there unless Autumn wanted to get on and do something. So, I logged back out. I decided what I really wanted to do was watch my shows, so I got my bed and the laptop situated so I could just relax and enjoy. That didn’t last long.

First, Dave interrupts questioning if I’d been messaging one of his girlfriends on Facebook. He’d shared a post about Starbucks having “Veganized” it’s Almond Milk Frappuccinos. He’d tagged one of them in the post, and they’d commented that this news makes them want said frappuccinos less. I “loved” the comment. Apparently that resulted in her questioning “what’s going on.”

Casey was laying by me, nice and quiet, but then his tablet ran out of time. He kept talking and going in and out of my room. So I asked if he wanted to watch my show with me, hoping that would make him be quiet and pay attention. Well then Dave comes in bitching about not being able to concentrate on his homework because of my “TV” (computer). *I* couldn’t even hear it hardly, how the hell could he? So I tried putting my headphones in but Casey got upset. Then he started trying to bother Max. I asked him to stop because Max is trying to sleep. He got upset about that. Clearly he’s tired, but it was only 6:30 then.

I got back up, put the computer back on it’s stand and plugged it back in to that outlet, and started on this. Casey was laying on my bed and said he wanted to go to bed. That was about half an hour ago, at 7. Since then, he went into Dave’s room, interrupting the precious fucking homework, and somehow managed to convince Dave to pop popcorn and sit down with a movie downstairs with him!

So it’s almost 9:30 now. I ended up plugging back into my shows. Watched NCIS and then started on NCIS: New Orleans. About halfway through, the boys came back upstairs and Casey was ready for bed. Got him to finish up with his “important stuff,” then tucked him into the trundle bed in my room. Finishing up watching NCIS: New Orleans now. Probably just going to try and go to bed after, not sure yet.

Autumn had said she was going to play in the realm on Minecraft for a bit, so I guess I can log on and see if she’s still there. Not sure if I’m in the mood to play, but have been thinking about it all week, considering it. May as well. But I don’t think I’ll be up much longer. Will probably just do a bit of this n’ that.

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