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Got up and got my latte, got on SL to park while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home and got on Aura Kingdom then DDO to check the auction houses. I only had a limited amount of time left before I had to leave for Therapy, but I took a chance and got on Conan to refresh the bases before I left.

Therapy went well. We went over her notes from the chapter of More Than Two I’d printed for her to read. She had me watch a couple of YouTube videos about some of what she’d mentioned in the notes. Once we were done discussing all of that, I got her up to speed on everything that’s been going on with Daniel. That took up the rest of the time.

Headed back home and got on Blade & Soul, and worked on more outfit farming on and off throughout the rest of the day.

Found out that my mom would be coming to Wisconsin but was not planning to visit us or any of her family. I’m so sick of their bullshit, them and my brother. Always traveling here and there but never bothering to visit family.

Picked Casey up at the usual time, and had him do the usual thing when we got home. When he was done, I got him some dinner and then he helped me make Home Chef. It was a fajita beef skillet, but I left the meat on the side so Dave could share it with me. Dave wasn’t home when it was done, so I went ahead and ate.

While I was eating, Casey was making something for his friend Joe at school. He came to show me it when it was done and said it was a worm he’d drawn and he had written, like a sign the worm was holding, that said that he does not love him, about Joe. I was talking to him about that not being nice and he trying to cover it up, saying he made a mistake and that’s not what it was supposed to say. He ended up making a new card for Joe. While I was trying to talk to Casey about the situation, Dave came home and starts going off on me, saying not everyone has ill will and shit like that. Excuse me? Our son just tried to write a note to a “friend” saying he does not love him. I’m trying to teach him better values than that. And Dave just excuses it like it’s nothing, like it’s ok for Casey to do that.

Once that situation was over, Dave goes to the fridge to get out dinner. I explain to him (not very nicely) about dinner and the meat not being in the dish, and he proceeds to get out some shit vegan pasta dish he’d made the night before. After going the extra mile to make the meal into something he’d want to eat, that was the thanks I got.

I guess Autumn spent $25 on Aura Kingdom and managed to get a new Eidolon she wanted. But then she must have quit playing that because she started talking about Minecraft. Why spend so much money on a game and then not even stick around to play it? Anyway, she was saying she wanted to create a new world without any cheats and play it, but she knew that if I played it with her (which I’m not sure I would) that Casey would be upset he couldn’t have creative. She tried getting on the realm after that, but the game crashed. She was asking what to do and I was just thinking, “Oh, idk, anything to help the clan that you created and then left to me when you realized everyone else was out for more than just the clan outfit?” We keep losing members lately, because we’re not doing anything, and it’s disheartening.

Got Casey’s vitamins and PJs out for him, and he took his sweet time getting started on doing his bedtime stuff. Finally he did, and then managed to talk Dave into a slumber party. Went and tucked him into Dave’s bed, then headed back for more Blade & Soul. Didn’t stay up too late myself, doing the same dungeon endlessly is boring and tiring.

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