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Once I got home from Daniel’s, I grabbed my latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL.

Got on Aura Kingdom and did some of the daily stuff. After I was done with that I continued working on getting my Assassin to level 50 on Blade & Soul. Once she made it, I redeemed the gem voucher I had on her and was able to send it to my main character. Then I did some bud farming on my main before logging off.

Spent a bit of time reading on my new kindle, a book called “Now and Then.” Apparently I’ve read it before, and some of it does seem a bit familiar, but overall I don’t remember it. It’s also part of a trilogy, and I want to read the other two books but needed to refresh on the first one before I could move on to the second.

Casey spent the day going from one thing to another, which I actually prefer over him sticking to just Minecraft all day. He spent time on his tablet, time on Minecraft, time on the Nintendo, and time downstairs watching shows on the Roku. Once it was his bedtime, I got him to do his usual stuff and then tucked him in for a slumber party with daddy.

Got on the Egyptian Mythology world on Minecraft with Cyn for a bit, until her friend got there and she had to go. I made it back to the hut I’d claimed as home, and logged off. I was tired and it was 9:30, so I ended up just going to bed.

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